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S1 - EP 001 - Joy B - Scarlets First Day

S1 - EP 001 - Joy B - Scarlets First DayLength: 27 mins. 7 secs.

Well time to break the news to Scarlet that I am just a fucking perve with a video camera and I got her in to film me so I didn’t have to do it myself and so I could enjoy just fucking the girls. She was surprised but seemed to be glad I was paying her whatever my reasons for doing this is. I did tell her she would have to back me up with all the lies I tell them to get new girls to do porn and she agreed. In walks loud mouth Joy B who claims some photos we did for her friend were shit, when she mentioned it was a model we shot years ago, she started saying she could be a better model and it looked like she didn’t know what modeling work her friend did. I told her to put her money where her mouth is, take off her glasses and go and change into something more sexy. When she came back my jaw nearly dropped to the floor. I explained what her friend did and at first I think she thought I was joking so I got her on her knees and stuck my cock in her mouth, think she knew I was telling the truth. I am not sure if she wanted too or justing trying to be stubborn as she seemed to be really mouthy. She sucked it good, and couldn’t believe when I told her she had to swallow my thick load, and down the hatch it went, Scarlet was even telling me to do it, I think she liked her first day on the job. Great local slut for you here

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S1 - EP 002 - Candi Blows - Poor Student Topless C

S1 - EP 002 - Candi Blows - Poor Student Topless CLength: 34 mins. 2 secs.

Wow another con in the bag here guys. Got chatting to Candi over the internet in instant message  and she said she always wanted to be a model. I was at first telling her I could shoot some stills of her if she wanted as I had the contacts to put her in touch with a lot of model agents but she would maybe have to do topless. After a few more chats she agreed to meet up. I had my doubts on whether she would actually meet up for a shoot at all, never mind actually shooting a porn video with me if she took this long to do topless. When she arrived she was very keen and a poor student so money was everything for her at the moment, so guess what? that was my angle. I explained the higher she went the more money she would get and the more agents I could contact to get her more full time work. She then agreed to do open leg, and then we got onto talking about the good stuff. I mentioned that a blowjob video would send her even more offers and the agents I know would be fighting over each other to get her work. She asked if she could do a blowjob video now, you never yes what I said? Thats right I said fucking yes. I had a quick grope her her tits and pussy so the producers can see what she’s like of course :0)  She noticed my boner sticking out of my trousers so I wasted no time in getting my cock out. I got her to tease my dick first by rubbing it all over her face and lips first, the she took it in her mouth for the first time, slowly licking my balls and cock up and down and then sucking on the end of my cock. When she got going she tried to deep throat my cock and gagged a few times like a naughty slut. She was a hot red head and she had such a cute face looking up at me as she sucked my cock nice and hard. I told her that all the agents like to see a girl swallow cum ( well we all know thats my personal turn on hahaha). She said she had only ever done it with her boyfriend but would give it a go. I shot a massive load in her mouth and she played with it and then downloaded the lot. Amazing.

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S1 - EP 003 - Anna Joy - Pornstar Cum Swallower

S1 - EP 003 - Anna Joy - Pornstar Cum SwallowerLength: 24 mins. 14 secs.

I like to be good to myself. I love conning new girls into sucking my cock and fucking me. But then I also have the urge to fuck some of those british pornstars out there that I have watched and wanked over. I must be convincing as a porn producer as if you offer them the right money, the pornstars come running and don’t even look into your background to see if you are. So what you get here is a fan fucking a pornstar who is pretending to be a producer. You would think they would know most porn producers don’t have anything to do with the model. Anyway I don’t care after trying to get Scarlet to suck my cock and almost succeeding, who hows how far that would of went if the door hadn’t went. However it was Anna Joy my treat to myself was here, and she got stuck in to sucking my cock, and letting me face fuck her too, she is one nasty slut. She even opened wide to receive my big load of cum which she swallowed, very happy nerd right here now.

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S1 - EP 004 - Candi Blows - Poor Student Fucking C

S1 - EP 004 - Candi Blows - Poor Student Fucking CLength: 36 mins. 16 secs.

Candi Blows is back. Turns out she has been getting some work herself by advertising her self on the internet. She asked why she had not been contacted by any agents since her last shoot with us, so I had to think fast on my feet. I quickly told her that I had a hard drive failure and I lost the scene we shot including everything else I had shot, I figured if I made it sound like I had lost something too that would help to make it sound more believable. And guess what? She believed me too, phew that was a close one. She asked what we should do about it and then again as these brilliant perverted ideas just come to me I told her we should do it again. However I explained that I know these producers I sent this video to, will see it and ask her to do full boy-girl work or at least ask if she does it, no harm in asking right? She paused and thought about it, then she said ok if it gets her work. Its a good job I am good at fucking containing myself as I just felt like jumping up and doing a little victory dance.  This time was even better as I got to lick her very tasty wet pussy. Sample her great blowjob skills again, no wonder her fucking boyfriend keeps hold of her, and got to fuck her nice and hard, including cowgirl, spooning the fuck out of her and bending her over and giving her a nice hard fucking doggy style. All in a days work for this fucking nerd pervert. This girl is sex on legs I just hope she doesn’t call again asking about the lack of work as I have no idea what I would tell her.

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S1 - EP 005 - Joy B - Rival Teen Slut

S1 - EP 005 - Joy B - Rival Teen SlutLength: 27 mins. 6 secs.

Joy B the mouthy Teen is back. If you remember last time she was blaming me for taking some shit pictures of her friend and she couldn’t get any work. We told Joy her friend was a shit model, but Joy wouldn’t listen even when we warned her what her friend did.  Defiant to the last she was and that was nothing. She called round and said her friend was wanting to come back for a shoot. Joy said she has come to beat her to it. They had a big row on a night out after having too much to drink and Joy and her seem to be in competition with each other all the time. The result was that because she had done a blowjob cum swallowing scene for us, now she wants to do another scene and go all the way and get fucked. Seems a bit far to go to get one over on someone but hey, I have a cock, I’m a nerd pervert and I am always ready to give these things ago and help out through no thought of reward. Yeah right the pussy is my reward. Joy wasn’t kidding either she had come prepared under neath what looked like a baggy wooly jumper. She wasted no time getting on her knees and sucking my cock nice and hard. Then she sat on my cock and took it right up to the balls. Not the most expressive when she’s being fucked but I didn’t care it was a job well done as far as I am concerned. She loved getting banged from behind nice and hard and she wanted my cum again, so down the hatch it went. Arguments are good if it means I come out a winner like this.

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S1 - EP 006 - Lucy Lane - Noisy Neighbour

S1 - EP 006 - Lucy Lane - Noisy NeighbourLength: 27 mins. 12 secs.

My fucking neighbours where driving me insane. I kept telling Scarlet that they were noisy and one day while she was round doing some admin work for me, she actually heard what I have to live with and how loud they play their music and it was fucking loud. I had tried knocking they couldn't hear me, I got pissed off and stormed out the room. Few minutes later the music stopped and Scarlet had wondered what I had done. Fast forward to a few days later the girl who lives upstairs came to say sorry about the noise and said it was her boyfriend who played all the loud music and he has  left her now. I didn’t want to admit it was me who complained and saw my chance to try and chat her up. I mentioned modeling and porn and she said she would give it a go, she is very shy so can’t believe she did something like this. I told her that I’d send it to loads of other producers to get her more work and she sucked my cock. She had a good technique for sucking cock I have to say. She was slower than some of the sluts I had in the past but had a nice tight grip round the end of my cock. She actually told me she wanted my cum, wow a girl actually asking for it and  how happy I was to blow a load in her mouth.


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S1 - EP 007 - Sarah Jane - Fuck Warm-Up

S1 - EP 007 - Sarah Jane - Fuck Warm-UpLength: 40 mins. 6 secs.

Sarah Jane was a UK girl who loves cock, so much so she does gangbangs and sex parties for a living and so to me she was perfect for porn, in fact why wasn’t there loads of hardcore porn DVD’s of her out there in the shops??? Anyway we knew Sarah again from one of those industry parties we sneak into and her and my camera lady Scarlet hit it off and always talked about having a night out together, either Scarlet traveling to London or Sarah coming up here. What I thought was going to be a very boring evening, turned in to a mega surprise indeed. Scarlet was working late typing some letters for me and her phone kept ringing. On the final call whoever it was was wanting to meet Scarlet here and hung up on her before she had a chance to stop her. Turns out Scarlet  was meeting Sarah Jane and didn’t want her coming round here as she knew what I would try and do, and she was right. I set up the sofa like I would if I was doing a shoot and hoped for the best. When Sarah arrived I asked her if she wanted to do a scene someone time practically as she walked through the door. To my luck she was a bit strapped for cash and said she would do one now as she needed the money. So it was my duty as a nice guy to make sure her and Scarlet’s night out happened by me giving Sarah enough money to go out, its the least I could do. I dived straight into her pussy, which was wet already. Sarah said as soon as she knows she is going to have sex her body becomes ready, ok then. I loved sucking on her massive tits too they were amazing. She knelt down and sucked on my hard cock, wow was she good, those gangbangs had certainly made her a expert in cock sucking thats for sure. I got on top of her and stuck my cock up nice and deep right up to the balls, she then climbed on top of me reverse cowgirl and wow can she go. Doggy was her favorite by miles she loved being pounded hard from behind and I love fucking doing it so its win win all round. She sucked my cock and gulped my cum down and spat a bit out as her mouth was over flowing she made me cum that much.


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S1 - EP 008 - Kandi Spitfire - Skull Fucker

S1 - EP 008 - Kandi Spitfire - Skull FuckerLength: 28 mins. 37 secs.

Kandi Spitfire and I met at a party. She had done a bit of escorting and was a right horny bitch and always wanted to get into porn. She had done the odd video here and there and of course I told her about my official website. She believed me when I said I was a porn producer like the rest. I must have an honest face. Anyway we arranged for her to do a video for the site. I met her at the train station and I couldn't wait to get her back to the flat, the moment she stepped off that train I was so turned on. Back at the flat Scarlet was locked and loaded with the camera and ready to start, cool so was I. Scarlet likes to get hands on as you know so she decided to help her out of her bra and have a grope. Next minute they are kissing each other like total lesbians, not that I minded I was more than happy to watch even if I did feel a tad left out. Boy when she sucks cock you know about it, she told me she likes to be skull fucked so I fucked the shit out of her mouth, sticking my cock right down her throat. There was spit every where, it was really messy and her lip stick was smudged all over her face like a true slut. I had to taste her pussy so we did a 69 on each other, I tongued her clit and she took my cock all the way in her mouth. I skull fucked her until I was bursting and shot my cum in her mouth, she played with it and swallowed the lot. Classic whore.

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S1 - EP 009 - Loz Lorrimar - Pornstar treat

S1 - EP 009 - Loz Lorrimar - Pornstar treatLength: 21 mins. 10 secs.

Every now and again I just go through these phases and today was one of them. I love pornstars hell I wack off over them just as much as the next man. They seem to be fooled too that I am a porn producer and Loz Lorrimar was at the top of my list of porn stars I want to get in. Scarlet answered the door and I was already pacing up and down waiting for her to get here. I tend to do this a lot when I am horny and booking pornstars. The best thing is you know what sort of treat your in for as you have seen it for yourself before hand. As soon as she arrived I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her. So we told her to get changed into something sexy. What a body Loz has and what she was wearing just helped to prove that. I moved in to feel her tits, once of hem was pieced too, on to her pussy and I wasted no time burying my head in her already wet cunt. Wow the more I licked her the more wet she got and the more taster she became. Next up it was time to experience those cock sucking talents I had seen on the internet. She got to work on devouring my cock, which was rock solid even before she pulled my pants down. Lots of nice spit, deep throating and gagging made this the great experience it was. Scarlet even got in there feeling her tits and her ass. She wanted me to blow a load in her mouth and opened her mouth nice and wide as I shot my cum in there. She teased and played with it before downing it like a pornstar. Loz Lorrimar is a born pro.

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S1 - EP 010 - Kiki Minaj 1 - Strip Tease Slut

S1 - EP 010 - Kiki Minaj 1 - Strip Tease SlutLength: 25 mins. 7 secs.

Fuck me, I even surprise myself sometimes. Me and a few of my nerd buddies where planning a surprise birthday stripper for one of our close friends, Tony. Unlike me, he is a typical nerd, not very sexually experienced and really shy. To be honest we were arranging this more for our own enjoyment to be honest, as I think we will find it funny if he shoots his load in his pants or pisses himself in a public bar, either will make my night. It was left to me the most perverted out of the whole gang to arrange one. I just had one problem I couldn’t get past. I had wasted money in the past trying to arrange this before and the stripper being really fucking shit and a waste of money. I was cutting it fine finding someone but wanted to find someone who would give me a preview upfront so I knew what I was getting for my money. After ringing around for what seemed like hours I finally found one, Kiki her name was and she was stunning. She gave me a good price to come and give me a short demo. As soon as she turned up, got changed into a sexy little outfit my fucking cock was twitching and I had remembered at some strip joints in the past some of the girls offered other favors for the right price. I of course brought this up in conversation in between getting her tits rubbed in my face. She wasn’t too keen, but like all of them the mention of more money persuaded her. There was only one condition, she swore never to be like her friends and so I had to keep it to myself, she even let Scarlet film it too for a bit extra. Of course she didn't realize I was actually paying her to appear on this website. When she got down to it, she had amazing cock sucking abilities, she was wasted stripping, she could be a full on slut for me if she played her cards right. She deep throated, swat on my cock, sucking the end with lots of suction and not being the porn star I am not, let me shoot my big load in her mouth, its hard to last long with this hot mama. What a fucking demonstration I received. Its going to be fun watching her strip tomorrow night now knowing that she gave me a fantastic blow job.

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S1 - EP 011 - Lucy Lane The Sleazy Casting

S1 - EP 011 - Lucy Lane The Sleazy CastingLength: 26 mins. 9 secs.

Scarlet had organized another shoot with Lucy to take some stills of her. Don’t do that if I’m actually there in the flat as I will want to get involved. Even though Scarlet had it all sorted out and time was tight with what she had down to do and the pictures she wanted to take, when she came out in the sexy outfit she was wearing I really wanted to get involved. Lucy asked if I had heard back from the other producers and I said I hadn’t. I said if she did more on video it would help them answer back more. Ok that what a shit reason, but its the first thing that come into my head. Anyway she must of wanted to do this type of work now because she asked what she would have to do and when I said a full sex scene she just said ok. Thats a successful con in my book. So time for her to suck my cock like she did last time and then I wasted no time banging her. I got on top of her and fucked her deep and then bent her over and really fucked her hard from behind, I was getting my times worth. She received a mouthful of cum again too like a good little whore. Second time she fell for my nerdy charms, will it be 3 times lucky?

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S1 - EP 012 - Kandi Spitfire - Hot and Sticky Kand

S1 - EP 012 - Kandi Spitfire - Hot and Sticky KandLength: 28 mins. 26 secs.

Kandi Spitfire the skull fucking drool babe has come back for another round. I am more than happy to open my wallet to this. This time she wants a good fucking, ok not a problem. In she walks with a sexy see through outfit on showing off those amazing massive tits of hers. You are instantly sucked in with those massive things popping out. Scarlet even had a grope of her tits while I was licking her wet pussy out. She tasted so so sweet too, and she wanted to taste herself on my cock, so gave me a good cock sucking. When Kandi sits on a cock its really something to see, she doesn't do this job for the money, she does it for the cock and pussy she likes everyone. Good job as I am no fucking oil painting am I? She loves cowgirl and loves being filmed just look at her face, it really shows. I was bending her over doggy style, giving it to her nice and hard when she said she likes being fucked up the ass. Before she could say anything my hard cock was up her ass hole fucking away. She even sucked off her ass juice from my cock as I shot a load in her mouth, cum swallowers are my thing what can I say.

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S1 - EP 013 - Elise Teeze - Estate Agent Slut

S1 - EP 013 - Elise Teeze - Estate Agent SlutLength: 30 mins. 28 secs.

I was well pissed off today. I had tried to sell my flat and was told how much it was worth by an Estate Agents I had been using. I had an offer for the flat but then found out off a friend who worked in another place it was worth more than that and I was pissed off with the Estate agents that had quoted me a lot less. Scarlet had come round to make sure I didn’t fly off the handle, I had the camera on as I wanted to film them when they sent the boss round incase they said anything else wrong and so I would have proof. When the boss arrived, she was beautiful, thats right she was a MILF too. She had come round to say sorry. Nothing she said was good enough. To calm myself down I started changing the subject and found out she was married and only ever slept with him and worse yet he didn’t like his cock sucked now what type of fucking guy is that? She was a bit un comfortable with it all being on camera, so Scarlet asked to have a word outside of the room, she said she knew I was up to my old tricks and I told her to go and switch her camera on, to her disapproval she did and now Elise had two cameras on her. I threatened to go to the papers about what a joke her company was and she didn’t like that idea. So I told her to get on her knees and close her eyes. I got my cock out and told her to open her eyes. She was shocked but I said if she didn’t do it I’d go to the media, so she started to suck on my dick. I think deep down she liked it as she loved sucking cock but her husband wouldn’t let her. Wow was she making up for lost time, what an experienced MILF cock sucker. She told me she had fantasied about a guy cumming in her mouth. I was only too happy to help her out on that one. She asked what it would feel like, I told her nice and thick and warm. I unloaded in her mouth and she swallowed the lot, greedy bitch. I love black mail.

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S1 - EP 014 - Kiki Minaj 2 - Stripper Slut

S1 - EP 014 - Kiki Minaj 2 - Stripper SlutLength: 24 mins. 16 secs.

Fuck me, I even surprise myself sometimes. Me and a few of my nerd buddies where planning a surprise birthday stripper for one of our close friends, Tony. Unlike me, he is a typical nerd, not very sexually experienced and really shy. To be honest we were arranging this more for our own enjoyment to be honest, as I think we will find it funny if he shoots his load in his pants or pisses himself in a public bar, either will make my night. It was left to me the most perverted out of the whole gang to arrange one. I just had one problem I couldn’t get past. I had wasted money in the past trying to arrange this before and the stripper being really fucking shit and a waste of money. I was cutting it fine finding someone but wanted to find someone who would give me a preview upfront so I knew what I was getting for my money. After ringing around for what seemed like hours I finally found one, Kiki her name was and she was stunning. She gave me a good price to come and give me a short demo. As soon as she turned up, got changed into a sexy little outfit my fucking cock was twitching and I had remembered at some strip joints in the past some of the girls offered other favors for the right price. I of course brought this up in conversation in between getting her tits rubbed in my face. She wasn’t too keen, but like all of them the mention of more money persuaded her. There was only one condition, she swore never to be like her friends and so I had to keep it to myself, she even let Scarlet film it too for a bit extra. Of course she didn't realize I was actually paying her to appear on this website. When she got down to it, she had amazing cock sucking abilities, she was wasted stripping, she could be a full on slut for me if she played her cards right. She deep throated, swat on my cock, sucking the end with lots of suction and not being the porn star I am not, let me shoot my big load in her mouth, its hard to last long with this hot mama. What a fucking demonstration I received. Its going to be fun watching her strip tomorrow night now knowing that she gave me a fantastic blow job.

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S1 - EP 015 - Sarah Jane - A Suprise Sucking

S1 - EP 015 - Sarah Jane - A Suprise SuckingLength: 33 mins. 27 secs.

Craig one of my friends was helping out with the reality show. He’s pretty shit at filming but its all practice for him. The thing about Craig is, he’s a fucking moaner and I mean a fucking moaner. He was complaining because all he was doing was filming me in the flat, on the mac, or playing xbox or whatever. I tried telling him that this is how things happen and how I capture my sexual adventures on camera, by always having the camera on or at least a camera fully charged on standby. Craig doesn’t get out much and has a ugly looking girl friend. The fact he knows what I do, he’s jealous he hasn't got the balls to try and do it and even if he did his girlfriend would cut his balls off so he's staying behind the camera. Now today I was proved right, the motto is always record. Guess who turned up? Sarah Jane thats who, the girl who’s does the gangbang parties and one of Scarlets friends. She turned up as she is doing a gangbang in the area the next day. No time to waste  I asked her if she wanted a warm up but she had a lift waiting for her, so I asked her to tell the guy she was having a cuppa and catch up, when really her mouth and my cock would be the ones catching up. She said she would go and ask and thank god the guy let her have a cuppa with me (cough). I had my cock out ready for her when she came back in and she just laughed, such a cute lovely girl who knows what I am like. She loves sucking cock and bring them off, so she just went for it. One thing about Sarah Jane, she’s sexy and always wanting to suck a cock so she just goes with it and so do I. This girl can bring you off pretty quick if you don’t tell her to slow down. I mean imagine, she doesn’t do porn she does gentlemen parties, so that means  she is paid to get as many guys off as she can and just move on to the next ones. Her mouth nearly sucks in your whole body she is that fucking good., She gave me a hell of a mouth job and a tit wank and let me kneel over her and shoot a load in her mouth. As for Craig he had just witnessed his first porn scene and how I operate. If he was jealous before he is definitely fucking jealous now, I wish you could see is face, luckily his camera work had plenty practice by then too so he managed to get everyone on.

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S1 - EP 016 - Masie Dee - The Fake Podcast Con

S1 - EP 016 - Masie Dee - The Fake Podcast ConLength: 33 mins. 15 secs.

Wow I can’t believe my con worked on a pornstar. Masie Dee was a model I had met at the odd industry party I managed to talk my way into pretending to be this producer I say I am. We got talking and we talked about working together. I took too long as she said she was leaving the country as she had another job. I had missed out big style. She has family in my area so she said she would pop round and do an interview for the site. I had thought what if I could get her to do a scene but I thought a porn star would not do this for free would she? She arrived and we did the interview, then I started getting a hard on since we were taking about her job and how naughty she has been over the years. I thought wow this is great. I mentioned that I was getting turned on, she seemed to like Scarlet and she said she would get her tits out, but I wanted a blowjob. She teased and teased until Scarlet was the one who grabbed my cock and put it in here mouth. Masie teased and teased but once that cock was in her mouth she just went for it big style. What a technique on a cock she had, sucks and licks your cock with her tongue wow. She sucked and sucked on it until she sucked the cum right out of my dick. Wow it felt so good and you never guess what she said she wanted sex afterwards. To Be continued.

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S1 - EP 017 - Melissa Blows - Stripper turned firs

S1 - EP 017 - Melissa Blows - Stripper turned firsLength: 21 mins. 26 secs.

I had arranged to meet Melissa about shooting some stuff with us. She had done top shelf mags and she looked great with her tits out. It’s because of these pictures in the mag why I did start to think that I might be able to push her to do more. She did arrange to do topless so at least if anything I was going to see her fucking tits right? I told Scarlet to just go along with what I say, have the camera on ready and just always be ready to shoot what might happen. When she arrived we took some under wear shots, we got her to get her tits out. We mentioned using toys on her self and getting totally naked. After a few secs of pausing to think she said yes. I asked if she had ever considered porn and she said, yes but not sure she would dare go all the way. When I asked her about a guy interacting with her she said yes and I began to suck on those massive tits of hers and poke her wet hole with my fingers. I went for it as it I was never going to not ask, and I told her that doing a blowjob would still be classed as porn. She agreed and away she was sucking my cock. I always feel a big sense of achievement when they go for this and when they are just ordinary girls off the streets. Its more of a turn on and to see them doing porn for the first time on my camera is just so rewarding. She could suck a mean cock too, sucking and slurping away until I told her I was ready to blow my load and she said she wanted me to cum in her mouth. You know I am always happy to do that as its a big turn on for me. She got nice and messy as it shot out and and she swallowed the lot. Not bad for a stripper I think.


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S1 - EP 018 - Elise Teeze - The Married Slut

S1 - EP 018 - Elise Teeze - The Married SlutLength: 19 mins. 19 secs.

A few weeks later Elise came back round. She seemed worried because she had not heard from me and whether I had gone to the media or worse yet had already gone for her Estate Agency company ripping me off. Although she was concerned I couldn’t help but notice that she was kind of dressed up, and not in the usual work uniform? Either way she looked hot. She told us that after the last time and the fact it was filmed she has been doing some research on me and Scarlet and she has found this site. I thought we were well and truly busted, but really she had come back round because her husband isn’t aware of anything that has happened so far and not being into porn she would like to film a scene with us for the website? Now I have to say I was not expecting this at all, I mean she hated the cameras last time. But who am I to argue. What follows is a horny MILF sucking cock, getting fucked and bouncing on my cock and getting another helping of cum. Now I have to say how can the day of gone any better. Love MILFs, love sluts, love my hobby.

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S1 - EP 019 - Lucy Lane & Layla Lixx - Cock Sharin

S1 - EP 019 - Lucy Lane & Layla Lixx - Cock SharinLength: 40 mins. 26 secs.

What a fucking day that turned into a good one and a double good one at that. I had Layla booked in for a shoot, a new hot MILF on the scene who wanted to try her hand at porn and had seen one of my bogus adverts online and fell for it. We had arranged a time and when the day came and I went to the station to meet her, she didn’t get off the fucking train. This does happen sometimes, the girls change their mind and no show. So I travelled into town to meet her for nothing but the main reason I was pissed, I wasn’t going to get the chance to empty my balls over a sluts face. I get back to the flat to break the news to Scarlet and there’s a knock at the door. It was sexy Lucy from up stairs, she had came round to say hi, ( remember she was the noisy neighbor I conned into fucking). Now even though she never found out it was me who left that awful message on her door step for playing loud music, some one else in the block was pissed and had phoned the local council to try and get her evicted.  Just as she had finished telling me the lady who was looking for her rang my flat and asked if I had seen her. Lucy had even dyed her hair to blend in more, she begged me not to tell her I knew where she was, in return she said she would suck my cock and fill in for the model who hadn’t showed. Of course I said yes, I was going to get my balls emptied now. A few minutes in and my hard cock was well and truly pumping her mouth there was a knock at the door, Scarlet answered the door to Layla who had missed her train and her phone battery had died so couldn’t warn me she was running late. She saw Lucy sucking my cock and thought she was too late and had missed the shoot. Me being me and out for as much sexual attention as I can get I told her to join in. So what turned out to be a disaster, turned into two girls sucking my cock at the same time. Wow I have to say I don’t know how I didn’t blow my load right there and then to be honest. Not only that but they started kissing each other and eventually eating each other out while I was getting my cock sucked off the other one, so it was fucking oral all round for everyone. The best thing was my personal favorite a big cum load on both of their faces.

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S1 - EP 020 - Masie Dee - The Addict

S1 - EP 020 - Masie Dee - The AddictLength: 22 mins. 33 secs.

Remember last time when Masie Dee wanted sex after downing my cum? Well here she is in the second part. She meant it too, she wanted some cock alright. She came in with a sexy lace white out fit on and my eyes where fucking popping out right there. She was right on her knees sucking my cock, I mentioned that I am going to fuck then make her taste her own pussy juices she liked that idea a lot. She got on top of me and bounced up and down on my cock. Scarlet was being her usual Naughty self and started spanking Masie’s arse, again I think she loved it as  she wanted a piece of scarlet too. Masie said she wanted to be fucked hard so I bent her over, the harder I fucked her, the more she moaned until she was asking me to pull her hair nice and hard, this along with the hard pounding made Masie cum and wow was she loud. Time for her to swallow down my fucking man custard, and down the hatch it went. I even give her an award for being a great surviving the spunkslut training I put her through, oh she passed alright.


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S1 - EP 021 - Roxi Monique - Hot Brazilian Oral

S1 - EP 021 - Roxi Monique - Hot Brazilian OralLength: 34 mins. 0 secs.

I was taking a short cut back home passed the train station in town when I found Roxi looking a bit lost.  I asked her what was up and she said she was meeting friends in town but couldn’t find the town centre. I told her I would show her where is was, then her phone rang, it was her friends telling her they were going to be an hour late. I offered Roxi to come back to mine for a coffee and she said yes. I quickly rang Scarlet to tell her to get to mine ASAP as I was going to try my luck with her because she was that stunning. She told me she and her friends were going on the pull to find some guys and told me about a guy she met the other week and she gave him a blowjob. When we got back to mine I had my spy camera on and Scarlet had her camera on. We got chatting and she asked what I did I told her I was in porn. I also said that she would make a good pornstar if she was good at blowjobs and asked if she had every tried it? She said no. I asked her if she wanted to and she thought about it then said its something new and she likes trying out new experiences. So away we went, once I hear a yes I waste no fucking time.I shot a nice shot of her ass and then helped her out of her bra while I played with her nipples. She got on her knees and sucked my already hard cock. She started off teasing first, going slowly, using her tongue and then finally taking all my cock in while speeding up on the sucking. My balls were really really full and she was about to find out how full as she opened wide to receive a big thick heavy load of cum in her mouth. Amazing scene with a hot Brazilian girl.

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S1 - EP 022 - Loz Lorrimar - Pornstar Anal Lover

S1 - EP 022 - Loz Lorrimar - Pornstar Anal LoverLength: 23 mins. 33 secs.

Loz Lorrimar is back. Sometimes once is not enough. I love porn stars and I book them in as a treat to my dick but then if they are good, which come on they get paid to do this, so it’s not as if they aren’t going to be right? However it makes me just want to get them back. Loz’s amazing cock sucking was intense so I can only wonder what she will do with a hard cock rammed up her. Well today is time for me to find out. As soon as she bends over I am straight in there feeling that amazing ass of hers and poking her pussy. A grope and suck of those sexy tits to get me going, not that it takes much for me. Scarlet is a sexy little mix too no wonder I want her in front of my camera too. She is in there too feeling Loz’s tits. Scarlet loves filming sex that much she gets carried away herself. Her pussy is always wet and ready as Loz is such a horny bitch so in I go with my tongue, and mmmmm always nice to taste a pussy that is ripe for fucking. Loz wraps her lips around my cock and the good times are rolling in this perverts sex pad. I ram my cock up her without a second thought and start to fuck her nice and deep. When she rides my cock wow does she go for it, its almost as if her body goes to horny over drive when she is getting fucked  and hey I have no complaints there. While I was fucking her hard from behind she tells me she wants me to stretch her ass hole out, I say hell yeah to that baby and start to pound her up that hot ass of hers. She is  a horny cunt and I am only too happy for her to lick her ass juice off my dick before cumming in her open mouth. Pornstars rule man.

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S1 - EP 023 - Sindy Strutt Lost Dog Blowjob Reward

S1 - EP 023 - Sindy Strutt Lost Dog Blowjob RewardLength: 24 mins. 20 secs.

Nice sunny day and I was walking down the street when I saw this Blonde girl approaching me coming the other way. She was looking around, the first thing I noticed was her massive tits, see how this works? I see things in advance and that is why I am a nerd pervert. I stopped to chat to her and she said she was looking for her little cousins lost dog, she had some posters that she was putting up around town. I asked her if she wanted a hand and she seemed really happy at how kind I was. After about 30 mins we had finished, I asked her if she wanted to come back to mine for a drink, she said no at first and I said she didn’t have to be long, she said ok. I needed to get Scarlet in on this so I stepped out of ear shot and called her to tell her to bring her camera over. I dropped one of my business cards on the floor, she picked it up and I was busted she knew what I did, fuck. She still wanted to come back to the apartment anyway which was a good sign. Back at the the flat I started talking about porn and asked her if she had ever done any before. She said no but would be lying if she said she hadn’t though about it. That was my queue to move in. I asked her if she would consider doing a test shoot today and she accepted the offer. Before long I had her massive tits in my mouth sucking on them and got her on her knees to suck on the end of cock. She had a good mouth on her, she told me she had some skills and she was not lying. Scarlet turned up with her camera, complaining we had started without her, main thing was I was getting a blowjob and she was her to film it now. She gave me a tit wank with those massive tits of hers and it was like a fucking magic trick, my cock vanished. I stood over her and wanked off over her face and covered her in cum. Successful day

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S1 - EP 024 - Lucy Lane & Layla Lixx - Threeway Fu

S1 - EP 024 - Lucy Lane & Layla Lixx - Threeway FuLength: 38 mins. 5 secs.

Finally Layla Lixx made it to the set on time. Early in fact, unlike last time when her phone battery died and she couldn’t warn me that she was running late and still turned up for the shoot a bit later than usual at my place. The only trouble was it was meant to be a one on one with me and her but when she turned up my neighbor Lucy Lane was already sucking on my cock, and I ended up getting a double blowjob, not that I am complaining. So this time Layla was here to do a full BG video with us. She flattered me straight away by wearing a t-shirt saying I love nerds. I started off exploring her arse with my nerd cam and feeling her up, slowly moving onto her tits and then eating out her MILF pussy. Just as I started to do that, there was a knock at the door, when Scarlet answered it, guess who was there. Lucy Lane again. Scarlet had invited her down, without telling me. At first I was a bit skeptical as to why Scarlet was thinking of my sex life and inviting someone else to play with, she never has before and usually she doesn’t agree with the way I do things. She explained that she thought it would make a better scene, can’t argue with that. Lucy and Layla had fun together last time and wasted no time in exploring each others bodies again. There was a bit more double blowjob action, gotta love that and then I got to stick my hard cock up Lucy and fuck her again, I swopped over to Layla and fucked her then Lucy climbed on me and started to ride my cock. Layla took my cock out of Lucy’s pussy and started to suck her juices off my dick. Then Layla climbed on top of me reverse cowgirl and boy did she love it, she kept twitching as I hit the spot. I love doggy and so got them both to bend over as I fucked them both hard from behind as I swopped over from one girl to the next. You know me, I am no porn star so I was very surprised I lasted this long in this situation really, fucking two girls at the same time. I saved a big load up for them though as their fucking reward for working my cock good. They put their faces together and received my hot white load all over their faces it was awesome. My thanks to Scarlet for inviting my sexy neighbor around

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S1 - EP 025 - Bentley Dawson - Blowjob Revenge

S1 - EP 025 - Bentley Dawson - Blowjob RevengeLength: 28 mins. 15 secs.

For fucks sake I had it up to here with DW estate agents trying to sell my flat. They had already sent round the local manager to try to make up for the sad excuse for a company and now because of an online blog I put up on the internet warning people of how bad this fucking company was, they now sent Bentley the regional manager. She had come to firstly say sorry and secondly to try and get me to take down the blog. She claimed it was slander and I kindly reminded her that its only slander if it was made up and what they did to me was very real. Elise the previous girl who I fucked had now left the company. Bentley knew nothing about what went on, but when I explained that Elise was very persuasive, Bentley said she was willing to try to do what she did. I could hardly fucking hold my laugh in right there, as she had no idea what she had just offered to do lol. Bentley was a lot older than Elise but fair is fair I’d let anyone suck my dick and to be honest I wanted to take it out on as many females in that company that they were stupid enough to send out. When I told Bentley what Elise had done, she either didn’t believe me or was so fucking shocked at what I said, either way I didn’t care even when she had explained that she was married. So what big deal, she didn’t want to do it but I couldn’t give a fuck, it was her doing this or the blog stayed up. In the end I think she was more worried about her companies reputation to be fair. So she got on her knees and got my cock out. She was sucking on it, but wasn’t really enjoying it, it was my black mailing that really had her doing it. She tried to deep throat and kept gagging on my cock, you can tell she didn’t have much experience doing this with her husband it most of been sex with the lights out in her household. Then her phone rang in the middle of it, it was her husband asking where she was, she told him to put dinner in the oven and she will be about 20 minutes. That was the fucking icing on the cake for me, someone from DW estate agents getting what she deserved, the fact she didn't want to be here made it more of a punishment and she took a call from her husband while sucking cock, you can’t wish for a better situation that his can you? I told her I wanted to cum in her face and she said she doesn’t really do that, once I reminded her about the blog, she leaded back and I blew a load over her face. Look at her expression on her face, she fucking hated it. Fucking silly bitch thats what you get when you piss me off and rip me off and take my money.

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S1 - EP 026 - Sara Knight - A Horny Saturday Night

S1 - EP 026 - Sara Knight - A Horny Saturday NightLength: 34 mins. 1 secs.

I gotta admit Scarlet is quite good at sniffing models out too. I do pay her to help out, not just film me with the pussy but also looking for new talent. She also seems to have more tact than I do, I struggle to hold in my inner pervert and just pull their panties down when they walk through the door, where Scarlet eases them in more slowly moving up the modeling levels. Scarlet had been chatting to Sara on a social network site and had talked about her doing some modeling for us. I had a look at some of the pictures she had sent as samples, I got Craig one of my nerd mates to get it on camera. I had to pop out to help a friend and when I came back here was Sara so she was so keen that she had just turned up on spec to get some stills taken. Scarlet had mentioned porn to her by then as the highest and best paid levels and when I got back I was surprised that she was here and even more surprised that she was considering porn, just the girls admitting that meant it was going to be my cock going in them and you know I like the sound of that. I asked her when she wanted to do a scene and she asked when we were free, never ask me that or you get the answer NOW. She was unsure at first but then decided it was now or never.  Every part of clothing she removed for our video cameras, the more my fucking dick twitched and the harder it got. She agreed to do an oral video and I couldn’t wait to get my cock in her mouth. She was quite camera shy but that all adds to the horniness of it all, when it was time to get my cock out she whipped them off real fast and wrapped her mouth around my cock. I was officially a happy randy nerd. She had quite a good technique and she used a bit of spit, had a tight grip around my cock, she tried everything she could. For a wanna be porn star she could go far I think she just needs good old me to break her in more. When I asked her where she wanted me to cum she said all over her face and I did fucking just that, emptied a nice load over her pretty face, what hot little slut she was.

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S1 - EP 027 - Melissa Blows Double The Fun

S1 - EP 027 - Melissa Blows Double The FunLength: 13 mins. 3 secs.

Remember Melissa the Stripper that I conned into sucking me off. She popped back round with her boyfriend. At first I though he had come round to fucking kick my arse. This is the second time this has happened, and the second time that this worked out in my favor. He had been told that on her modeling job with us she ended up sucking my cock and this turned the guy on. It’s something she had never done before and something he admitted he wouldn’t mind seeing again. So he asked her if she wanted to suck my cock again. She had a see though top on and her massive tits where on display and again, they set me away. Just the fucking sight of them makes my fucking dick twitch.  She got on her knees and started to suck my cock as he watched. After a while he had is cock out and he was wanking over her sucking my cock, until he was standing next to her. She sucked both of our cocks, one after the other she loved it. The fella was so turned on that it didn’t take long for him to shoot his load in her fucking mouth as she swallowed it. That turned me on and so I wasn’t fair behind wanking off into her mouth like a good little slut that she is. She had two helping of cum and she had a smile on her face.

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S1 - EP 028 - Roxi Monique - Hot Ass Brazilian Fuc

S1 - EP 028 - Roxi Monique - Hot Ass Brazilian FucLength: 31 mins. 10 secs.

Well after chatting up Roxi at the train station last time, she called to say that she really had fun and all this porn work was an exciting prospect. So she arranged to come back and do a shoot, this time more planned. Of course thats the bull shit reasons I give the girls, that shoots are very well planned and arranged, but really thats just a ploy so I can get my dick waxed. Our filming starts where I am in the living room waiting of her to get ready. I couldn’t wait so I went to have a sneak peak and managed to get my camera through the gap in the door to have a sneaky peak and I liked what I saw. Once she came in with her sex under wear set we started the scene off with her bending over and showing me her hot brazilian arse. I then asked her to peel her knickers off. Soon she was naked and I got a nice close up of her tits, arse and pussy all in the same shot, this was well and truly making my dick twitch. I went in for a taste of her pussy as it was the first Brazilian pussy I have tasted and it was worth the wait mmmmm. My hard dick was out next and she sucked on it again, my word the memories, she certainly was a good cock sucker. Roxi Climbed on my cock and started to ride me, her body is that petite and firm that so was her pussy too, it was real tight around my cock and the fact I haven’t got the worlds biggest cock tells you how tight it was. Check out her face as she is bouncing up and down on me reverse cowgirl and how hard her nipples are, this hot Brazilian booty is loving getting fucked on camera. Now we get to doggy, good old doggy. This is Roxi’s favorite and by that I mean I found out its very easy to make her cum all over my cock. I pounded my dick in nice and deep, hard and fast and I had only been pumping away for a few minutes and suddenly her whole body started to shake. Doggy makes this sexy bitch cum, you know I couldn’t give a shit if they enjoy it or not, but I have to admit the fact I made her cum did wonders for my ego. Roxi wanted another mouthful of cum and being the gentlemen I am I was happy to unload in her mouth. What a scene and what a hot girl.

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S1 - EP 029 - Sindy Strutt - First Fuck

S1 - EP 029 - Sindy Strutt - First FuckLength: 19 mins. 59 secs.

Wow the big titted slut that is Sindy Strutt is back and this time we get to film her first fuck ever on camera. She has since done a bit of porn for other people, mainly pro companies not fucking con men like me but its still a rare and exclusive video. Me and Scarlet were waiting impatiently for her to arrive, well I was I bet Scarlet could wait quite easy. You should of seen what she was fucking wearing when she turned up. Fuck me man, she had a top that her tits were popping out of what Scarlet cleverly pointed out when she was touching them. Scarlet finds it hard to behave herself sometime, which I don’t mind, I just wish it involved a 3 some thats all. I couldn’t wait to get another blowjob off her since she did such a good job last time. To feel them hot lips around my dick again was great enough but when Sindy climbed on top of me thats when the party started. This was fucking amazing and I have to say worth the wait and the exclusive. With her being a curvier girl we didn’t do as many positions as I would of liked but, my cock was still balls deep in her pussy I really couldn’t complain in the slightest. It’s great having a massive pair of tits like that right in your face while she is fucking you. I shot a load all over her face again. Lucky she took her top off with it being black or it would of been covered in my spunk. Amazing time from the return of Sindy and her massive tits.

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S1 - EP 030 - Jessica Lo - Scarlet's Friend Is A C

S1 - EP 030 - Jessica Lo - Scarlet's Friend Is A CLength: 35 mins. 48 secs.

Fuck me I am good. Scarlet met her friend at my place as she had a new camera to pick up. They had been friends for years but Scarlet had never told her she works for me shooting porn, and told her there and then, luckily my Spy Camera recorded everything. This is something even Scarlet doesn’t know about. Jessica took it well and didn’t judge Scarlet at all. I came back unannounced and Scarlet didn’t want that to happen for obvious reasons. They were going out for some lunch and I got talking to Jessica. Fuck me she looks so much cuter than me in a pair of glasses. Scarlet left the room to freshen up and I made my move hahaha. I asked now that she knew her friend did porn, does she think she could do it, she said she had never been asked so didn't know but hadn’t never been approached my a porn director before ( Thats me). She  said she probably would and I asked her to get on her knees so I could see what she would ook liked looking up at my cock that was already getting hard. She soon changed her mind when she knew I was hard for her, Scarlet walked back in not amused at all but filmed it anyway as I’m the boss and what I says goes. She loved being cummed on all over her face and glasses and so I did what was requested, I’m a gentleman.


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S2 - EP 001 - Nicola Kiss - Payback Blowjob

S2 - EP 001 - Nicola Kiss - Payback BlowjobLength: 39 mins. 57 secs.

Well I can officially say I have had it up to hear with DW estate agents and thought I was rid of them, I was ready to move in a few days and that was that. Well actually I did get to fuck the Regional manger through black mailing her and get my cock sucked off the Area manager too but apart form that they had still fucked me about. I was just chilling out playing some Xbox when the phone rang, a girl called Nicola from the regional branch phoned to offer to pay for the delivery van to make up for all the shit their company had put me through. It didn’t make up for it but thought, it was the least they can do and that meant I didn’t have to pay for it so it was a start I guess. Cut to the 20th of this month and Nicola came by and what a fucking cracker she was too, oh my word she was fitter than the area and general manger put together. When I asked why she was here she said she had come to over see the delivery van. She had only booked it for today instead of the 23rd, can this company really do anything fucking right. It turns out she was someones else boss and had just been promoted and it was the new girl that got the day wrong, I was wanting to complain to the company again but Nicola didn’t want me too incase it screwed up her new role. I told her it was nothing personal but even with nice friendly gestures they can’t even get that right. She asked me not to say anything and then I just did my thing and came out with it. I told her that unless she sucked my cock I would write a letter of complaint to the company. She said she was engaged to be married and she really didn’t like me putting my hand on her leg either. I said its either that or I send the letter. I told her to think of it not as cheating but settling a business dispute. I guess she valued her job as she unwillingly agreed knowing I was deadly serious. I got my cock out which was already hard as she was so fucking fit, and she lend over and put my hard dick in her mouth, wow I do come out with some shit, but it worked. She could deep throat too, what a fucking cock sucker. I even stripped her down to see that she had some sexy fucking stockings on, she must dress up for her fella. I even told her to swallow my cum even though she said she doesn’t swallow, thought I might as well go for it since this company but me through all this stress. No sooner had she swallowed down my cum the delivery van arrived, so she had to dash out and tell him he had the wrong day, fucking hell.

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S2 - EP 002 -Brooke Maddison - Sexy New Neighbour

S2 - EP 002 -Brooke Maddison - Sexy New NeighbourLength: 42 mins. 55 secs.

Wow what a fucking lucky day. Here’s me the day before I move from my flat to my new house. Bored shit less with nothing to do. Scarlet pops round to check that I am all ready. Being stuck in waiting around was doing my fucking head in so I asked Scarlet if she fancied a look out up to the local shopping mall. Me being me and taking every opportunity I can, we took a hidden camera with us, just incase we bumped into a hot piece of ass, you never know. Once we got there I decided I did want to go looking for some pussy and went wandering around to have a look. I bumped into a hot young lady near the under wear section and started talking to her. Straight away I found out she was single, and when we got talking for longer, I found out she not only has just moved herself but it was to where I am moving to, so I had officially met my new neighbor. Nice to know my new neighbor was fucking hot too . I asked her back to the flat for a coffee as she was new and didn’t know anyone in the area. When we got back of course the place was a mess it was the day before my move but I didn’t fucking care. We got chatting and I found out she had done a home porn movie with her ex boyfriend and thats why she moved because everyone found out. I dropped in the conversation that we shoot porn videos and if she would like to give it ago. She said she wasn’t sure and that she needed a few days to think about it. I told her she could do a blowjob video now and have a few days to think about it, if she decided she didn’t want to do it I wouldn’t send the video off to the US. Of course here is the video, I lied. Lets hope when I get moved in she wants to do a video as she isn’t going to be too fucking happy when she see’s it on this website is she? She was a natural, she was a good cock sucker, you can tell she liked performing on camera and probably why she made a home movie in her past. She had a nice grip of my cock with her hot mouth and when we stripped her down, she had an amazing pair of tits. She even told me she loved a guy to come in her mouth and that it was a turn on. Well who am I to stand in the way of people getting their kicks, I always have a pair of full balls to empty on to a sluts face. I hope since she’s my new neighbor that she will pop round again and let me fuck her.

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S2 - EP 003 - Nicola Kiss - Wannabe Porn Whore

S2 - EP 003 - Nicola Kiss - Wannabe Porn WhoreLength: 34 mins. 20 secs.

Remember Nicola, the sexy arse estate agent who I fucked? Well the next day while I was out she came back. Scarlet was in doing some last minute admin work and Nicola had come to say she was onto us, she had seen She knew we shot porn and not a normal reality show and that what we shot yesterday was not a one off. She said it was kind of a turn on and that she loved the camera being there. I have to say everyone at this point, am I not a god dam genius or what? I have created a monster but a good slut monster who loved it and guess what she wanted to come back and have me pay her like a model and do a real porn shoot. Trouble with that is its never a real porn shoot, its just me fucking them but they do end up on here at least. She wanted to arrange a date but Scarlet was fast to say if she went and got changed into something now, when I came back and it was soon I'd do it now. Nicola didn't want to just throw it at me as soon as I came in but Scarlet insisted that she knows me very well and I would be willing and be ready there and then. So when I returned and saw Nicola in a sexy outfit I have to say Scarlet was right I was ready to go alright. We wasted no time in getting down to it, I soon had Nicola bent over the sofa so I could see her sexy arse again. I got to taste her pussy this time and I have to say it was well tasty. She was down on her knees before long sucking on my hard cock, wish was hard from the minute she got it out as she is that fucking horny. I then had to dive in balls deep and jumped on top of her to fuck her nice and deep. Nicola when she got on top of my cock was amazing. Her fella must love fucking her and she must of had plenty of practice as this girl is out of this world. She could ride a cock cowgirl and reverse. I had to bend that arse of hers over and fuck her from behind nice and deep and hard, it looks so fucking horny when my balls are slapping off her arse. She got down on her knees and opened wide for another monster load. Wow she is a porn star in the making this girl. No mention of her husband she must of loved it that much and remember she came here of her own accord this time :0)

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S2 - EP 004 - Lucy Lane - Cock Sucking Con Replay

S2 - EP 004 - Lucy Lane - Cock Sucking Con ReplayLength: 39 mins. 44 secs.

Wow Lucy is a cute girl and I almost feel bad for leading her down the same path as the first time I met her but…….. Ah fuck who am I kidding of course I don’t feel bad lol. She is such  sweet girl and for some reason she thinks I am the man, kind and generous etc.. And I am when my cock gets a polish that is. Lucy if you remember was my old neighbour. We shot her first scenes after talking her into porn, when I say we I mean me. Then she even stepped in for when a model let me down only for the model to turn up and I had two of the bitches to play with. Since then as you know I had moved, well Lucy tracked me down, and wanted to catch up. Turns out she wasn't living there either now. We chatted and I asked her how her modelling was going. She said with the stress of moving she hasn’t had the time and had not heard back from my US contacts. It then suddenly came to me, I should offer to help her out again. I basically gave her the same excuse that I gave Candi Blows a while back, that the footage had been give to the US but I don’t keep a copy. I also proceeded to pretend to feel guilty about her career not taking off and that it was my fault. She is so lovely that she said it wasn’t my fault. I asked her if she still wanted to modelling if the chance came up and she said yes. So since I kinda got the feeling that she trusted me I suggested we re-film what we shot the first time round. She agreed and before you know she was on her knees and unzipping my trousers. Incase you aren’t following I managed to get her to do what she had already done all over again, match the footage I had lost and promise her big US contacts all over again, and because she thought I was a helpful guy she went for it. Well from what I remember her cock sucking skills where good before but she has improved 10 fold. I am well impressed. I am pleased I got another chance to sample her hot mouth skills as she was even better than before. She took my cock in nice and deep, was a lot more confident on camera, really sucked my hard on with a passion and took a big load in her mouth and downed the lot. Always a pleasure when a slut does that. Cant wait to see if she has improved in the fucking department and yes incase your wondering she fell for that too, and said she is coming back.



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S2 - EP 005 - Paris - Suprise MILF Slut

S2 - EP 005 - Paris - Suprise MILF SlutLength: 23 mins. 58 secs.

What a fucking let down. We had this new girl booked for a shoot, first timer and she hadn’t turned up. Whats more she had switched her phone off so we couldn’t find out what was wrong or where she was. Sometimes this just happens when you get new girls, the reality sets in and they just can’t go through with it. Scarlet is usually chilled when I’m the one who's pissed off as my balls are full and I am not going to get any action. Then there was a knock at the door, it was the girls mother  Paris who said she is very ill and can’t come today. Weird how she sent her mother to say this to us?  She offered to fill in and I asked what she had been told her daughter has going to be doing. She said modeling pictures and when I told her it was porn she was shocked. She joked to me about getting my cock out then realized she was serious. She had a good body for her age even though she had no tits at all. But I didn’t give a shit, it was her mouth I was interested in. She did start to suck my cock and really got into it too. I fucking love sluts like this who just go for it, not because they want to do porn but because they love sucking cock, they don’t care if the camera is there or not, just that they like sucking dick. She caught my cock with her tooth but I was so much into it I didn’t notice until she had finished. I blew her big load in her mouth though and she drooped it out like a good slut. Her face was nice and messy I totally forgot about her daughter.


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S2 - EP 006 - Kerry Louise - Wet Day Dream

S2 - EP 006 - Kerry Louise - Wet Day DreamLength: 20 mins. 10 secs.

What a fucking boring day. Nothing to do, no model to shoot as she had cancelled on us. Thats what you get sometimes booking new girls. I am good at conning them, but sometimes their nerves just get the better of them and they chicken out and I am left with a hard on and balls that need emptying and nothing to do with them. Scarlet suggested that I try and get a big named star like Kerry Louise.  I was like yeah even I am not that good. But it would be a great time that, I told her all about how good she was at sucking cock and how she looks like she gives one of the worlds best blowjobs. That minute my thoughts drifted off into a dream about Kerry just sat there on my sofa wanting my geeky cock. She was just right there, wanting me to play with her tits, I was poking her wet hole and then having a taste of that juicy wet, famous pornstar pussy, wow. It was as if she was right there, and when she put my hard cock in her mouth, I was in heaven. She was fucking gagging on it, deep throating it, spitting all over my cock, and asking me to blow a load in her mouth which of course I did. Amazing I think I actually come in pants thinking of this.

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S2 - EP 007 - Carly Rae - Surprise Deep Throat

S2 - EP 007 - Carly Rae - Surprise Deep ThroatLength: 42 mins. 41 secs.

Just when you thought students were safe, I con another fucking one. Remember Zoe Turner? Well yes she may have sucked my cock, but she agreed to come back a few more times in order to make up with getting a free laptop off me. Well never heard from her since, she sucked my cock, swallowed my cum, took the laptop and fucked off. The fact her mam works in the local shop and that she probably doesn’t have any idea what we got up too, its not as if I can storm round there and ask for my laptop back. But that was months ago and I had moved on until Carly turned up on my door step. Turns out she is a friend of Zoe’s and Zoe had kindly asked her if she would come and say sorry she hasn’t been round, the fact that she took a laptop off me and didn’t turn up she felt guilty but too scared to come round and admit it herself. Funny enough Zoe’s mam and Carly didn’t know what went on even though at first thats what I thought she was going to say.

 I got chatting to her then started to turn on the charm. I asked her what she was studying at college and made a comment that it must be fashion design with her being so pretty. Just as I was getting somewhere my fucking phone rang again, and it was Candi again. This time she was at her laptop and she wanted to know the web address of these US agents. This girl does not give up. I gave her some shit names that weren’t loading in because of course they were made up. I made an excuse and hung up, but yeah I think she’s on to me. So I said sorry to Carly for the interruption and I said its always like this round her and she asked what I did. I told her I  am a talent agent, but of course didn’t tell her it was porn right away. She asked lots of questions and I asked her if she wanted to do a test shoot. She said she wouldn’t mind but she think she will be too shy, I told her to come up into the studio room and just give it ago, she agreed. Up stairs I gave her a release form to sign and like I planned, thank fuck she didn’t read it. I then started to proceed to feeling her up, and boy the look on her face, she was totally confused and nervous wondering what the fuck I was doing, but now she had signed that form I was going to get stuck straight in and not waste any time. She said is was a bit weird when I started feeling her tits and then I told her this is the requirement for adult acting, and when she realized she had signed something without reading it well she was shocked to say the least. I told her to not worry and do what I say. I then went on to stripping her down, playing with her pussy, filming her playing with her pussy and getting her on her knees. Wait till you see that innocent face on her knees with her eyes closed, mouth wide open, if that doesn’t get you hard when you see that, then you are dead. She started to suck on my cock and I even got her to try and deep throat my cock, which she did very well considering it was her first time. Once she started she couldn’t stop, she was deep throating and chocking on my cock all the time. She kept bring up lots of spit and it was a nice, wet and sloppy blowjob. She said she hadn’t even swallowed cum before, that was enough to finish me off, I shot a massive load in her mouth and she swallowed the lot, what a good girl. I fucking love students.

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S2 - EP 008 - Kimberly Scott - Gangbang Girl

S2 - EP 008 - Kimberly Scott - Gangbang GirlLength: 31 mins. 11 secs.

Wow you can’t beat word of mouth, I was sitting at my mac one night and I got a skype call from Sarah Jane, remember Sarah, cute, big titted Sarah mmmmmm. Well she had another gangbang friend doing one in the area and she had told her that she had done a porn shoot with me and she should give it a go. Her name was Kimberly and said she would call round tomorrow if I was free. Well I have to say unless I was fucking another tart, then nothing else would stop me from being free, if there was a suck or a fuck in it then I would cancel whatever my existing plans would be. I had missed out my chance for a gangbang again though, those things fill up fast. Cut to the next day and Kimberly arrived. She figured she did sex parties anyway, the only thing was they weren’t filmed so she thought she would take to this rather well. I told her I am a porn performer and have contacts all over the US and we have made a lot of gigs famous, but she had a kind of chuckled to herself almost as if she didn’t believe me. I am that used to turning on my bull shit stories, with Kim I didn’t have to she already said she wanted to do porn. She seemed a bit surprised that I was the guy doing the actual interaction as she didn’t think I looked the type, mind you she has me there, I agree but hey they have got to look good for me. She thought I was kinda of cute, and started to rub my crotch, its good Scarlet was standing by with her camera as it looked like it was all starting to happen there and then and judging by the bulge in my trousers things where definitely starting to fucking happen. Next minute she was undoing my pants and wanking my cock, you gotta be grateful for gangbang girls. She started to suck my cock, gangbang girls always seem to put in extra effort. She soon started to strip off and I got a look at those love tits of hers and even got a bit of a tit wank too, quality. She even deep throated my cock a little bit and loved looking into Scarlets camera, something she picked up really quick indeed. I asked her what the guys at the gangbangs did when they cum and she said they shot their cum all over her, on her face, in her mouth, on her tits everywhere. I told her I wanted to shoot my load all over her face. She made a comment she would have to touch up her makeup because she was going straight from my place to the party venue, but I didn’t care and shot a nice load all over her fucking face. This is one girl who suited having cum all over her face and we captured it perfectly on camera for you guys.

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S2 - EP 009 - Andi - Bigger Girls Like Cock Too

S2 - EP 009 - Andi - Bigger Girls Like Cock TooLength: 33 mins. 15 secs.

This could of been a disaster. When I think looking back now that I shouldn’t of agreed to shoot this really keen lady without seeing a picture first. I mean sure there isn’t much I wouldn’t fuck, I will fuck, teens, MILF’s, curvy girls, big girls, you name it, after all very hole is a goal. However I draw the line at ugly, not matter what you can’t fuck an ugly bitch. This lady could of just been that. Plus the story goes along with it too, I was contacted off her friend who had asked me if I was interesting in shooting her friend.  Strange that her friend was contacting me and not the lady herself. Turns out she has had shoots booked in the past but at the last minute, people have dropped out so she was yet to shoot her first porn scene. So I said yes, as thinking it would be easy and take no effort if she was really that keen that she just wanted to get it over with. This is just more proof that my fake ads on social networks and message forums work in conning people into believing I am a real porn producer, I mean if she was let down by others, they must of been right loosers but thanks to my trusty ads her friend believed she was in touch with a real porn producer... hahaha suckers. It didn’t help that Scarlet was taking the piss out of me too, saying she might be a monster. So when she turned up I was very surprised to see that although a bigger girl she was pretty. Straight away I thought, yep I can do that. Then just before we were about to go into the studio room, my phone rang. It was fucking Candi Blows. Since her last appearance on the show she has called me a few times and now she seems to be getting pissed off big style and wants an e-mail to the so called agents in the US to see if she can get an answer out of them, I made my quick excuses as I had a shoot to get on with. So we took Andi up to the shoot room and we thought we would make it easy on her first shoot and just shoot a blowjob scene. She seemed a bit shocked that I was the guy doing it, as she expected a porn stud, but I quickly give a shit reason as to why it was me and she bought it, like I say I am a pro. Now when she got her massive tits out I have to say they were heaven, some times bigger girls have the best sized tits. I just had to have a play on them, wow. She soon got on her knees and got my cock out, it was already hard because of my massive tits. Wow when she took my cock in her mouth she really took it in nice and deep, fuck man. This lady knows how to suck on a dick man, I think with her being 40 she just knows from experience. You could tell she was well chuffed as she had achieved her goal of shooting a porn scene, and I think the camera being there also helped turn her on. I am the dream maker, and her wish had been granted. Its when I asked her what she likes doing when the guy cums was when I really found out this was meant to be. She said....... wait for it....... she likes to swallow. Anyone who knows me knows this is my biggest turn on and something I usually have to get girls to do by talking them into it, the fact she said she likes it, made my fucking balls tighten even more and my load shot out nice and think in her mouth yeahhhhhh man.

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S2 - EP 010 - Sophie O'brien - The Blowjob Bribe

S2 - EP 010 - Sophie O'brien - The Blowjob BribeLength: 21 mins. 33 secs.

By now following me on my nerdy adventures you will all know I am quite good at turning a bad situation into a good one. Well this bad situation needed a bit of good at the end and I am pleased it had a happy ending. I was on the phone to my mate when I heard a bang out side. Some stupid bitch had crashed into my car. After shouting at her for 10 mins we decided to take this indoors as there was a lot of people watching us yelling. In the apartment she tried telling me that she had a lot on her mind and she noticed the camera I had on and quizzed me why I had it on, luckily she soon forgot about it. Anyway I tried to do the right thing and ask her for her insurance details. She didn’t want me to phone them and was acting very weird as if she was hiding something from me. Every time I mentioned the insurance she tried to talk me out of it. She was a fit red head girl from the same block of apartments as me and I noticed her around a few times and wished we got chatting under better circumstances. I told her that if she wouldn’t let me phone them and do this properly she would have to make it worth my while. I told her if she sucked my cock and let me film it for my own personal enjoyment I would let her off. She looked  a bit surprised and asked if she did would I not phone the insurance company up. I gave her my word. Thank god what ever she was hiding made her desperate to do this. I got to feel her ass and grope her tits before she got on her knees. First of all wow, she sucked on it like it was a fucking lolly pop and the moaning noises she made was ace. She fucking loved sucking cock, she may not of found me that attractive as I am a nerd but she loved cock you could tell and she really went to town on my dick. She even begged for my cum. You don’t have to tell me fucking twice. So I unloaded a big load on her tongue and she gulped down the lot, very much worth the in convince.

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S2 - EP 011 - Kerry Louise -Final Last Ever Porn F

S2 - EP 011 - Kerry Louise -Final Last Ever Porn FLength: 22 mins. 9 secs.

Dreams very rarely come true. There are some pornstars that you are destined to wank over for the rest of your life because they are just so untouchable. I had countless dreams about this international famous fuck slut and own a few of her DVDs but it was Scarlet my camera lady who told me to get in touch with her. I think she wanted to prove that I am not as good a con man as I think I am. Even the pornstars I was hiring thought I was professional if not a little different to the real pros, but I offered Kerry what she wanted paying for the shoot and it was worth every penny even more so when she excepted the work and it was her last ever shoot in the UK before she retired so this is rare in both senses of the word. Now this girl can fuck, she has so much energy bouncing up and down on your cock, she just fucks away at you when she is on top of you, there really isn't any other feeling. Great cock sucker and she loves cum down her throat too, nasty slut action here from one of the best and I got to fuck her, one of the highlights of my life this one

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S2 - EP 012 - Tanya Cox - Oral Craving

S2 - EP 012 - Tanya Cox - Oral CravingLength: 29 mins. 13 secs.

I had a phone call from Tanya Cox a few days ago saying she was in the area and that she would call by and say Hi if she had time before she went home. Me and Scarlet already knew Tanya from the parties we blagged our way into with me telling people I was a porn producer. She kept her word and did stop by which was really nice of her. Tanya is a sexy slut from Hull and is very dirty. Well I love people like that. We hadn’t worked together at all even though I wanted too.  She told us what she was up too and that she was horny for cock as all she had been doing was girl-girl work, which she loves but she said it always made her crave a cock. I was like wow. She asked if I had anything on and I said no as we had a new girl cancel on us. At this point watch her face? She looked at me and asked if my balls needed emptying? I of course said yes. Before we knew it she was stripping off in front of me, wow she had an amazing ass and she was soon on her knees getting my cock out. Watch how she sucks this cock and tell me you don’t want a piece of her mouth jobs. She spits, she slurps, she gags, she does the full blowjob experience and I think I got a good one because she was gagging for cock. She even kissed my cock ever so softly from time to time saying she likes to cock worship sometimes. When she was ready for cum she tilted her head back, opened her mouth and took a full blast in her mouth. She slurped it up and played with it, then noticed she was late for her train. Never mind I got what I wanted. Wow Tanya Cox is amazing

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S2 - EP 013 - Candi Blows- Dick Craving

S2 - EP 013 - Candi Blows- Dick CravingLength: 23 mins. 30 secs.

Again Candi called me and said she was calling round. I have to say this is starting to unnerve me a little. She’s being all nice and coming round to see me, when really she should be pissed off at me, I mean like I said she’s not dumb this girl so what gives??? A bit of time went by and she didn’t arrive so I just thought she wasn’t coming and decided to indulge in my favorite hobby .......jacking off. She ended up turning up after all, but I didn’t hear her come in as I had my head phones in while having a wank to some porn. This was the first time she had seen my new place since I moved so, she let herself in and could hear something up stairs. She came into my office and caught me wanking. Most people would be embarrassed but not me, I couldn’t give a fuck, incase you hadn’t noticed I am a serial wanker, pervert and sleaze ball. She had come to talk about the US and the videos we had shot. I am starting to think the last time was all for show and to sweeten me up, almost as if the angry approach wasn’t something she was going to try first, but a blowjob and because she was horny was hmmmmmmm, am I over thinking this again? Anyway in a niceish kind of way she asked what was happening to the videos I sent over the the casting agents..... FUCK time to think fast Paul. I told her that I was in the middle of wanking, it was a long winded story and if I told her this very second my cock would go down and I wanted to finish up. I also asked her while she was there, instead of using my hand did she want to suck my cock and bring me off. She said she had not come for that, she wanted to talk business, I stood up and made her touch my hard cock, I told her that the sooner she sucks my cock the sooner I can fill her in on all the details she wants to know about hahaha. She wasn’t very happy but agreed if I was quick to cum, she would would suck my cock providing I gave her the information. So I lay back in my computer chair and let Candi take me in her open mouth. This girl could give me a blowjob for the rest of my fucking life and I would die a happy man I know that. I asked her if I could suck her tits, as I do love Candi’s tits and she got them out for me to suck on, boy she must really want that information from me. She stopped me after a few minutes claiming that me sucking her tits will lead me into something else and she wasn’t going to fuck me for information. She went back to sucking my cock and asked if I was going to cum soon. I thought she was saying it because she loves cum, which I know for a fact that she does but she wanted me to hurry up so we can talk business, something again I can help her with as it doesn’t take me long to cum. As she demanded she got another creamy load in her mouth..... now the hard part, telling her another bull shit story, I don’t think I have heard the last of this.



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S2 - EP 014 - Jessica Jensen - Cum Addict

S2 - EP 014 - Jessica Jensen - Cum AddictLength: 25 mins. 28 secs.

This was a great day. I had managed to get some tickets for a adult industry party. Yeah I know they fall for my cock, my stories and now we get VIP passes too, I told you I am good. Anyway we were just getting into our hotel in London after a 3 hour train journey when we noticed someones bags in our room. I had booked a double bed because A it was cheaper and B my camera lady might just wanna do a video. What the hell I tried but no cigar. I noticed a bra on the top of this bag and couldn’t resist going through them, they were a good tit size too. Scarlet wasn’t impresses at all, it was when I found a dildo in the bag too, it was making me wonder who’s bag this was. I checked the bathroom and there was this naked sexy blonde in the bathroom I scared her a bit and she slammed the door on me. She came out a few minutes later, asked who we were and we told her. She didn’t believe us that we were in the industry but said she loved swallowing cum when we mentioned that and she though her friends had put us up to it. We tried telling her that we were for real but since she wanted some cum she was happy to do the video anyway as she just wanted cum. Fair enough and I was  happy to do it. What a fit body she had and she loved sucking cock and really put the effort in when she was on her knees. Wow is all I can say. She sucked, gagged, spat and moaned all over my cock and she made me cum loads and she swallowed the lot fucking amazing.

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S2 - EP 015 - Kimberly Scott - A Nerd Obsession

S2 - EP 015 - Kimberly Scott - A Nerd ObsessionLength: 28 mins. 2 secs.

Kimberly, the lovely Kimberly, she said she was gonna stop bu as she had so much fun last time she was here and was in the area again. Whats more she had done some digging on the internet and found the website, so she knew I was telling the truth about being a porn producer. Well not totally the truth as the site is just a front to con more girls into letting me fuck them, a bit like my fake social media and forum posts. But it was enough to make her believe and want to come back. I don’t think she would of otherwise as lets face it, she didn’t exactly believe me and she made a decision to do porn so she would want it to be with someone who really was linked to the porn industry and not just a fucking chancer like me. I have to admit I kinda enjoyed the change in her opinion how one of my convincing online cons had changed her mind and now she thought I was the real deal. She said she was coming round and so I told Scarlet to be here to film it but, she was running late. I decided to get a shower before she arrived, and me being me I ended up in my office jacking off over some porn. In the meantime Kim had turned up and was chatting to Scarlet and I never heard her come in. Scarlet informed her I was just getting ready and they should go up and surprise me, so Kim quickly got changed into some sexy outfit and they both went into my office and caught me at it again. Its not the first time and it won’t be the last, but in a way I was kind of ready for Kim already. I had a raging hard on and I was horny off watching all this porn, so we went over to the red porn sofa and started to get it on. Kim got on her knees first and gave me some more of that amazing cock sucking of hers, before I stuck my cock in her balls deep, and pumped her with my nerd cock. I then told her to taste my cock, I don’t know there is just something horny about fucking a girl, getting her wet and then getting her to taste herself off your cock. She then bent down on the floor and I bent her over and fucked her doggie style from behind, just look at her face she loves sex hence her job. Wait till you see her when she mounted my cock fuck me, she knows how to ride a cock, she was fucking me really hard too until I couldn’t hold out and told her to get on her knees and open her mouth wide as I shot my load in her mouth. Another gangbang girl turned pornstar. Amazing day.

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S2 - EP 016 - Candi Blows - Blowjob Quickie

S2 - EP 016 - Candi Blows - Blowjob QuickieLength: 28 mins. 48 secs.

Candi is one of my favorite girls I have conned to date. Sexy red head girl, great fucking pair of tits, nice tight pussy and she sucks a mean cock, however I was totally un prepared for this day. Ok I managed to con her into sucking my cock right back when I met her, she’s not dumb, in fact she’s very intelligent but when you don’t know the business, people like me can come along and talk bull shit that they go along with, because they don’t know any difference they take what you say as the truth. I then managed to trick her again into fucking me claiming I had lost the video and it needed to be re-shot but we might as well go further, whether she doubted me that time or not, I will never know, but she went along with it. That was months ago, I had the odd missed call from her, when I say missed I mean I didn’t answer the fucking phone. Then one day I was watching the scene of me fucking her and the phone rang and it was Candi. I thought it was spooky as she was calling as I was watching her so I answered the phone not even thinking. To my surprise she wanted to meet up and catch up, she seemed nice and cheerful on the phone. Why she would want to make a two hour journey to me just to catch up I don’t know but hey, she’s fit and why not, it didn’t sound like she was going to pester me about the video she had done with me. Fast forward  2 hours and she had came because she was horny. I didn’t see that coming, I thought great I’m going to be balls deep, but then she confessed she hadn’t thought this through, she had travelled 2 hours to me and really couldn’t stay long, apparently she doesn’t think straight when she’s horny. For a minute I thought I was going to go away empty handed, then she said she had time to suck my cock. I thought I’d better take it as its better than nothing. Luckily Scarlet was here to film it and Candi was ok with this, another thing I thought was weird? Was she just that horny she wasn’t thinking????  I could actually still use this as another video. Anyway I stopped over thinking things, got out my already hard cock and let her go to work on it. I have to say its a big turn on when the girl is as hot as Candi looking up at your nerd cam and and sucking on your cock. She did give me a good blowjob, this girl seriously doesn’t think straight when she wants cock and thats ok, I don’t mind, I don’t need them to fucking think I just need them to suck on my dick. She opened her mouth like a good cum slut to receive my load and boy was it good, a big mouth full all for this sexy red head and no mention of her modeling with us so far, so I didn’t have to come up with an excuse. Phew.


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S2 - EP 017 - Tanya Cox - Full On Fuck Session

S2 - EP 017 - Tanya Cox - Full On Fuck SessionLength: 30 mins. 39 secs.

Tanya Cox is back and this time she is Horny and a little mad. She is mad because she missed her train last time she was here and she sucked my cock and took a big load in her mouth. Now she wants more and has set aside plenty of time so she isn’t late again for her journey home. Tanya said she wouldn’t of minded if she had been fucked the last time and she was late for her train but it was only a cock in her mouth not in her pussy. I was just happy that she was back again you can’t beat keen sluts and a pornstar one at that. I told her to go and changed into something more comfortable and she grabbed hold of my cock and told me she will see me in a few minutes. Now this was a slut that wanted to be fucked and was going to take charge too. When she came back up she had a sexy little purple number on. It was time to suck on those tits this time as you have to admit they do stand out a lot. I  then go down to eat out her pussy and its wet even before I start to do anything. Wet for my cock and thats a nice thing to know, so much so my cock was rock hard and waiting for Tanya’s mouth. I had to get another blowjob off her. It was time for her to climb on my cock and wow can she bounce. Watch her face she goes into a horny trance and just adores cock up her. I loved it when she was fucking me and her tits was in my face she is amazing. She got me going that much I had to tell her to jump off as I cum in her mouth again. Wow a great time was had by both of us. I’d fuck her every day if I could.

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S2 - EP 018 - Stella Cox - Born To Fuck

S2 - EP 018 - Stella Cox - Born To FuckLength: 42 mins. 24 secs.

Wow what a fucking day. This has to be the highlight of the site so far. A girl I stumbled across when looking at porn on the internet and found her profile on a tube site. Stella cum slut she was called, say no more really. She loved sucking cock and just loved being on camera and her tube page was covered in her own home videos. So I contacted her on her page, she clearly stated she wanted to be a porn star and so I jumped in there. Told her I was a porn producer and I could make her famous. Of course all that is a lie but Scarlet does a dam site better than home tube movies and so she helps with the credibility of my story really. She took a while to get back to me, I was getting impatient but judging by the amount of horny comments guys where leaving her on her page, I’m not surprised really. The good news was she bought that I was a porn producer, I left her my number and a few days later she gave me a call to set a date. Apart from lying about being a porn producer there was nothing to do here, she was coming to get fucked, she couldn’t wait either, I gave the choice of 3 dates for a shoot and she picked the closed one, suited me just fine that. Cut to the day and Tanya Cox came round to see Scarlet who wasn’t in at the time but was on her way back for the shoot, when I told Tanya she wasn’t here she came onto me, the horny bitch. I told her I had a shoot on, and she wanted to join in, but I thought  it might be too much for a new girl so rather than end up with nothing I told Tanya that it might be a bit much for a girls first shoot. Not that I didn’t want any of Tanya but you know. Cut to later on Tanya had gone, she must of got sick of waiting but didn’t say she was going, all through the shoot I kept hearing the floor boards move as if someone was moving about the house it was weird. When Stella did get here she was early. I was still in the shower so Scarlet got her ready for me. I was ready for her too, I had just washed my knob and just off soaping it up got me hard, so when I got into the studio room, I was hard and ready and also didn’t know she was here, so I had a nice surprise. I saw no point in wasting time either so I got stuck in. I played with those tits of hers, putting her nipples in my mouth and sucking on them. Then I bent her over doggy style. Man she was fucking tight. I struggled to stick my fucking dick up there at first thats how tight it was, but the more I fucked her wet hole the more I stretched it out. We tried a number of positions, from cowgirl to spoons and back to reverse cow girl again. Listen to her moan, watch her face as she kept looking at Scarlets camera, this girl loved it. I for one was blown away by her and I definitely want to shoot her again. I predict big things for this sexy piece of arse in the future, just remember which fucking nerd pervert broke her in first though, Ok!

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S2 - EP 019 - Jessica Lo - The Fucking Camera Test

S2 - EP 019 - Jessica Lo - The Fucking Camera TestLength: 43 mins. 28 secs.

Scarlet is getting very difficult lately. I think her living with me is driving her up the wall. So much so that her bitchy attitude about not being here at my beck and call really has become a pain in the arse. She told me that she was going out with her friends. Well lets think for a minute, Scarlet’s friends like her are fit. There’s her once cute friend Jessica Lo, then there’s Sarah Jane and Tanya Cox. Now I can safely say that I have boned them all, but Jessica was my greatest achievement. Because Sarah did gang bangs and Tanya was a pornstar. But Jessica at the time was a real new girl and I got my cock sucked. Turns out I created a pornstar in the making as in the last few years she has been shooting porn for other companies. Thank god she is another one who just likes sex and doesn’t care if I am a con man or not. As Candi Blows was a right bitch about it and really didn’t like what I was doing. But Jessica like the others, only most of the others don’t come back, once she had worked with other professionals it was clear I was just a bull shitter but she didn’t care. Anyway I was setting up the camera’s since Scarlet had walked out on me and Jessica turned up. All sexy and dressed up. I told her I was fed up with Scarlet and she asked if I wanted to test the cameras out, since I had set them up. Errrm yes, yes I do. Totally different to the way she used to be. She was effectively asking me for sex, yes please. She fucking loved my cock stuffed up her and I wanted to do this since the last time I had my cock sucked. I wished I’d fucked her back then as a shy girl, as now she was raring to go. She fucking loved me going in deep and her cock sucking. Wow, she had learnt to deep throat, and her cock sucking had improved a hell of a lot. Porn had trained this slut well, she was still cute but horny as hell. I fucked her pussy nice and deep, we even had some female POV as she filmed me eating out her pussy, (we had to improvise) She’s great at riding my cock, a true, true slut in motion. Wait till you see how hard I banged her from behind she fucking loved it. I gave her a nice mouthful of cum and this has put this young lady to the top of my list when it comes to Scarlets friends.

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S2 - EP 020 - Zara DuRose - The College Crush

S2 - EP 020 - Zara DuRose - The College CrushLength: 39 mins. 49 secs.

There’s a part of me I don’t show too often. Mainly because its the smallest part of my personality. That’s my caring affectionate side. Yes even a dirty fucker like me has one. It just takes a lot for me to show it. Being a pervert that I am when all I want to do is fuck as many wet holes as I can, it doesn’t leave much room for me to show it. There’s not many in my life so far that has allowed me to show it, but every guy has a story, the same story told in different ways but its still the same story, a story about a girl. Even I liked a girl at one point in my life. Her name was Zara DuRose and she was beautiful, had an amazing body and most of all she was the first girl in college to be nice to me. She is someone even now as a pervert I always wanted to fuck but I liked her more than that, in my terms I wanted to fuck her more than once, over and over, thats affection for me. Trouble is in a sexual way I was invisible to her. She had plenty guys after her sure, some would say they were a lot like me now. Sex pests that just wanted to fuck girls. I was her friend, she used to talk to me and I used to help her with all the geeky stuff too. Over the years since I have just become a pervert and locked that part away. Until once day I bumped into her in the super market and those feelings came back, she was even more stunning that before. She said she was a fetish model, I didn’t tell her what I did now as she thought I was nice and cute not a fucking con man, so I just said I was a photographer. She said that I should shoot her sometime, if it meant seeing her and spending time with her I was just going to wing it if she ever did want a photo shoot. Scarlet was teasing me as one day I got the call. As soon as I was around her I went back to that college kid I was. Scarlet was gob smacked that I was being nice, a side she had never seen. Zara was married now, while I was making her a cuppa, she was checking her e-mails on my mac, and I stupidly left my site open didn’t I.  She saw the site, saw I was on it just as I was walking in to give her a cup of tea. Fuck I had been rumbled. She was surprised but not shocked or disgusted. I was getting ready to lay on all the excuses thick and fast but she said it was fine and she was happy and she had thought about doing it. She said if she did it with me she would feel more comfortable. I then did something I never ever thought I would see myself doing. I actually tried to talk her out of it, because I didn’t see her like the rest. She was quite insistent that she wanted to do it, and I was fighting with the pervert within as this was my dream right in front of me. In the end it looked like she would of been hurt if i said no. 10 mins later I was seeing the girl of my dreams strip off in front of me, I started groping her tits, she was playing with herself on camera, man I was almost ready to burst. Then she got on her knees, took my very hard cock out and started sucking on it. Wow the amount of times I imagined this, what it would be like and it wasn’t some slut sucking on the end of my cock it was Zara and she was sucking it beautifully. Don’t get me wrong this was still mega horny, like words fail me how horny it was. We had a few lighting problems in the shoot too which was weird. Almost as if fate was trying to stop it from happening, well fuck no, my cock was in Zara DuRose’s mouth and there was no way I was stopping until I was popping. See that sounds more like me right? She wanked my cock off and I shot my load over her face. She looked like one of those porn sluts when I was finished but even hotter as it was the girl I fancy. What a surprise, she says she wants to do more too. I hope I get to fuck her this time, not that I’d last longer than 3 mins with this hottie but I will give it a fucking good go I know that.

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S2 - EP 021 - Tanya Cox - Blowjob For Cash

S2 - EP 021 - Tanya Cox - Blowjob For CashLength: 32 mins. 37 secs.

Scarlet was going out with another one of her friends. I knew it was Tanya so made sure I was in to at least say hi, plus I knew she would have something sexy on. I bet she gets all the guys when she is out clubbing. When she arrived I knew they would be having there fucking little girly conversations so I creeped down the stairs and tried to listen in on what they were saying. I could just say make out what they were saying. Scarlet was moaning about living with me again. Hey I’m a fucking generous guy letting her live here for very cheap. It’s not coz I want to fuck her, although if I can get another nosh off her if she struggles for the rent, that will be perfect for me. So Tanya went up stairs to use the loo, I had to quickly run up stairs so they didn’t catch me listening. Now as you know the house has hidden cameras, and Tanya going for a piss was the perfect time to peek, and I can view it all from my monitor in my office hahaaha. Tanya popped in to see me while Scarlet was getting ready. I must say Tanya looked well fuckable, and she just came out and asked me if I had been conning any other girls, as if I would do that???? But she isn’t stupid at all this one, not one bit. She knows I pray on new girls and lie to porn stars that I am a big shot but still she’s not bothered, if she is getting cock and money Tanya is happy. She asked me if I was going to give her and Scarlet some money to go out with, not shy is she??? She said she would do a porn scene with me, even though I had no camera ready I think she knew about the hidden cameras kicking about personally. I of course will not say no to a fuck off Tanya, I have been there already and its well worth it. Sadly she said she wont have time for that, she is just waiting of Scarlet to finish getting ready, so a blow job was all I was getting but thats not a bad thing when its Tanya’s hot mouth around your cock. Tanya has a great technique of sucking your cock like a true pro slut, deep throating, spitting all over your cock and Balls the lot but then she kisses it too, a little bit of cock worship can go a long way. I even got to munch on her tasty pussy too as she climbed on me in 69. When it was time to shoot my load, in true slut style Tanya talked dirty to me as I shot a big load in her mouth. Nice way to kill the time, at the fucking dentists the give you a magazine to read, just get Tanya to suck you off.

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S2 - EP 022 - Jessica Lo - Cock Sucking Favour

S2 - EP 022 - Jessica Lo - Cock Sucking FavourLength: 24 mins. 46 secs.

Ahhh my friend Jessica, heart of gold, sexy arse, massive tits and a hell of a fuck. Now she is the kind of friend you like to have around a specially when there is sexual favours been passed around. Only wish Scarlet was like this. I was bored shitless one day, wandering around the house with nothing to do. I decided to look at some porn on the internet, maybe try and find a new slut to lure back for the cameras. Well what a surprise when Jessica popped up on my Skype. She wanted to know how the scenes we have shot came out. I told her fucking great, hell it had her in after all. Then she started flashing her big tits out at me on camera. I may of even just engaged in polite conversation if she hadn’t set me away doing that. Yeah right who am I kidding hahaha. I would of turned our chat into something pervy eventually she just made it easy by showing me her big fucking knockers. It was too late now, my dick was twitching. So I just asked her if she fancied coming round. We were sort of un officially sex friends now after all. She said she had to go out and didn’t have time, but she could tell by my sad little perverted face that I wanted her. So she told me that depending on how long it took her to get ready she may pop round. Here was me crossing both fingers and even more cock if I could tie it in a bow. It got to an hour later and it really didn’t look like she was gonna show, so I decided to watch some porn and have a wank, either way I was going to empty my balls. To the dismay of Scarlet who walked into my open plan living room and caught me stroking the dick. Then the door went, so I went to answer it embarrassing Scarlet even further as it could of been anyone and I’m answering it with a boner hahah. But I was sure it was Jessica and so it was. Wow you should of seen what she was wearing, tight little hot pants wow. I told Scarlet to pick up her camera as you know I film everything. She said she just had time for a blowjob, which considering it wasn’t sex my luck had just gone up in the last 5 mins as I was just going to wank myself silly. My luck had just risen as I had gone from the palm of my hand to Jessica’s hot mouth, Result I’d say. Always a pleasure when she sucking on the ding dong, literally a pleasure. She deep throats, she gags, she spits, she wanks your cock, what more can you want? I tell you what you would want, to fuck her. She sucked my cock that well I could feel I was going to cum, the reason why she didn’t want me to fuck her, and Jessica never says no. It was merely down to the time she had, so I told her I was about to cum, can I not just stick my cock up her pussy quickly, fuck her, pull out and shoot it all over her face????? She agreed and I was not long at all, a few pumps of her pussy I pulled out and covered her face white. Oh yes thats what I’m talking about.

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S2 - EP 023 - Tanya Cox - Fuck For Cash

S2 - EP 023 - Tanya Cox - Fuck For CashLength: 32 mins. 12 secs.

Scarlet was going out again and with Tanya again. Fuck these girls nights out man. I am never invited. Well its coz they are girls nights out but thats not the fucking point. Tanya is a sexy minx and she is always up for a bit dirty fun. I could just see us sitting there, and me fingering her wet hole from under neath the table, you guys know I would :0) As usual Scarlet wasn’t ready, I don’t know why, she knew what time Tanya was coming over, but again she was still putting the finishing touches to her makeup and all that other girly shit. So I answered the door to Tanya when she arrived, trying to make out i’m a gentlemen to Scarlet, it never works. Anyway she was telling me about a shoot she had done a few days ago. She said she was gang banged by 3 guys and they came all over her and she was over flowing. Lol it always makes me laugh when they talk about this as they know what it does to me. I love watching porn of sluts like Tanya covered in spunk and I like it even more doing it, so that had set me away even more and I was trying to be a good little pervert and not try anything just to prove I could do it. I went back up to my office, Tanya followed as Scarlet was in the bathroom getting ready. Tanya wanted to watch one of the videos we had shot as she had not seen one before, so I stuck it on the office computer. After a few minutes and right there in front of me she started to play with herself. I mean yeah I do it too, in fact I can’t watch a porn film without getting my cock out, it just doesn’t happen, but seeing her just do it there and then in front of me, when we aren’t shooting was surprising and horny at the same time. I then just came out with it and said, why play with yourself when we can do something to pass the time. I didn’t need to ask her twice, she was straight over onto the sofa and my head was straight into burring into her pussy, it was already wet so I figured why not, it would be nice and tasty. I stuck my cock up her pussy and started to fuck her nice and deep. Then as she likes to do, she sucked my cock clean off her pussy juices just as Scarlet walked in. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing, she thinks me and Tanya are as bad as each other. Scarlet got roped into filming though so I put her to good use. Me and Tanya were even trying to talk Scarlet into joining in, it was worth a try. I fucked Tanya in spoons and Scarlet zoomed right in for the close ups. Tanya just had to ride my cock, you can’t fuck Tanya Cox without her bouncing up and down on your cock, she’s that good at it and it feels so good on your cock it just has to be done. Wait till you hear her when I bend her over and fucked her hard, wow she loves being pounded hard from behind. Just the sound of the dirty bitch moaning and groaning when you are fucking her hard just makes you want to shoot a load all over her face. Which I did and she swallowed the lot.

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S2 - EP 024 - Sally Jo - Bus Sucker

S2 - EP 024 - Sally Jo - Bus SuckerLength: 39 mins. 48 secs.

What a fucking shit day.  Even con men like me get no shows. It must happen to the real porn companies too with girls who are all talk and don’t show up. So when it happens to me, it means I don’t get to empty my balls over a sluts face and that my friends is a crime. I think the girls still buy into my bull shit I give them over the phone about making them famous etc… but they just bottle it as the day gets closer as they will soon be be choking on a nerd cock. When this happens I go in an instant bad mood. What looks like me never losing hope of them turning up even 2 hours late, may look like I have faith in the person to turn up, but really it’s just desperation because my balls are full. It’s made even worse when my camera lady Scarlet decides to go out with her fucking friends and leave me on my own. Not missing a chance I set my tripod camera’s up, as I was not going to be unprepared if this bitch did show up. If you have followed my adventures so far you will see my shoots still go ahead even if Scarlet isn’t there. I waited  a while longer and then went round my friends house to play video video games, on my way over I bumped into this sexy chick who wanted to know what bus number to get, I was that pissed off at my now show I told her she had two hours to wait and walked off, no chatting her up or anything, weird right?  2 hours later I was coming back from a big game marathon over at Craig’s when the same girl was still here, waiting for the same bus, then it dawned on me, ask her round for a coffee as she had missed her second bus and it was fucking freezing. When we got back, she noticed the camera’s straight away  and I just passed them off as me being a nerd and being into special effects and all that shit, see it just flows off the top of my head this bollocks. I went to make her a coffee and when I watched the footage back she was flashing in front of my cameras the naughty girl. We got chatting and she told me that the only experience she had with a video camera, was her and her ex filming themselves having sex while role playing and him pretending to me a stranger while fucking her. She said it was a fantasy and I took a shot, I stated that I was a stranger  and I know it was a shot in the dark but I said she could fuck a real stranger right here, right now. She called me a dirty bastard and it seemed my last shot of getting some action had gone. I admit it wasn't my best line. I just pointed out that she was the one who said it was her fantasy, she brought it up not me and that some people are too chicken to go trough and make there fantasy a reality. It turns out that calling her a chicken had the same effect on her as it did fucking Marty Mcfly in the back to the future movies as she seemed to have a problem with it. I told her to prove it and she said right there, right now that she wouldn’t fuck me but she would such my cock, hmmm let me think…. Ok sure. So she started taking her clothes off, and what an amazing arse she had, I just had to have a pinch of it, she got on her knees, tilted her head back, closed her eyes, opened her mouth wide and received my already hard cock. Wow what a way to turn things round. She wasn’t bad at cock sucking too, she even made her eyes water by taking too much of my cock in too quick, she wasn’t a deep throater but thats what made it all the more a turn on that she was gagging on my cock because she was taking it in so much. I had a play with her hairy pussy and I shot a load over her face. Now I am going to be fucking helping girls out with there bus time tables a lot more from now on I can tell you.

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S2 - EP 025 - Faye Rowland - Charver Slut

S2 - EP 025 - Faye Rowland - Charver SlutLength: 37 mins. 20 secs.

Fucking bastard kids. I always lived in a quiet area, well quiet apart from all the loud moans that come from my house because of all the sluts that come through the door but apart from that. For the past few weeks there have been a group of teenagers hanging around outside my house. Sitting on the wall, sometimes getting very loud. Sometimes its two of them, sometimes its 3. I call them Charvers. For our overseas fans it basically means teenagers who spend every hour that god sends out side hanging around with friends, drinking, smoking, causing trouble. I thought it was bad when they hung outside my house but then the little cunts started knocking on my door and running away. At first I didn’t catch them doing it but as it continued to happen, I made it to the window only to see them run off. Scarlet even went to answer the door one evening, she was out that much she was never in when it happened. Then one evening I had a brain wave I would film them with the video camera. This night, turns out it was a girl and a guy. They soon clocked me filming them and walked off pretty quickly. The next day the girl who saw me filming knocked on the door to ask for the tape. I asked her in for a minute, she wasn’t bad looking for a Charver. Turns out it was mainly her boyfriend knocking on my door, more so he was on that many charges for being a dick that if I was to hand this video in, it would help put him in a cell as all these little things add up. She said she wanted to reason with me, and convince me not to hand the tape in to the police. Well guys you know me by now, theres ways to persuade me and they all end with me shooting my spunk all over the place. I asked her if she would help out with my business and she agreed and when we got up to the studio room, I broke the news that it was porn. She seemed a bit surprised but I had seen worse. I told her to go and get changed into something sexy from our selection of outfits. When she came back she was a hot Charver, no glasses, no track suit bottoms, she scrubbed up well and I could tell that when I first saw her, its a gift I know when a tart looks good or not. I asked her if she let me film her sucking my cock I won’t hand in the video, she agreed, I was on my own as Scarlet was out so I just set two cameras up on tripod and used a handheld one as there was no way I was missing this. She got my cock out pretty quick and started sucking on it, and even taking it in pretty deep, she has a nice tight 18 year old body too and kept telling me it was for her boyfriend to stop him getting locked up. Now that is an awesome  girlfriend to have, who will do anything to protect her fella. She's not very fateful like as she  was sucking on my cock while her looser boyfriend was waiting outside. It was more of a turn on, getting my own back on the grief they had caused me and to get my balls emptied too, I didn’t have to like her, I just had to slide my dick in her mouth. She had a tight little grip on my cock with her hot mouth. I asked her if she had ever swallowed cum before and she said no, that just makes my fucking cock twitch harder. She said she was scared she wouldn’t like it, I couldn’t give a fuck if she liked it or not, I just wanted to fire the white stuff in the Charver's sluts mouth so I had my own back. I got my wish as just as I was cumming, I told her to open her mouth and she took the whole load too before downing it. Man it felt so good. Stupid charger alt ended being for something anyway.




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S2 - EP 026 - Carly Rae - More Sweet Gash

S2 - EP 026 - Carly Rae - More Sweet GashLength: 44 mins. 7 secs.

I fucking hate loose ends and by that I mean people I am either due to fuck or people I want to fuck again who said yes and have vanished. This was the latter this time. Remember Carly Rae the girl who I conned into doing a porn scene by signing my dodgy contract when she thought it was a normal acting job? Well part of that deal was for her to come back, as I wanted to fuck her and she only sucked my cock last time. I wanted to fuck her even more considering that she had never deep throated before and tried it for the first time ever on camera and was a fucking pro at it. Her cute face as she choked on my dick had me going out of my mind wondering what she would be like with a hard cock up her. For months I had tried to call her and the line was dead. Then one day after having a very unsuccessful photo-shoot with a girl named Sasha who wouldn’t do porn, I saw Carly passing the house, so like a fucking rat up a drain I ran outside. I explained that she still had a scene to do; she said she was going to meet friends and that she would arrange it, but I told her I wouldn’t take long. She agreed, maybe she just wanted to get it over with? Maybe she really didn’t want to do it? Ok I am fine with that, if my dick goes up her wet hole then great, that’s a result. We got up stairs and I already wanted her out of her clothes. I munched on her sweet 19 year old pussy, licking faster as she made those cute little moans. I couldn’t wait any longer and I rammed my cock up her.  She fucking loved it. Her moans were just so cute, the deeper and harder I fucked her the more noise she made, just check out her face, she is so fucking sexy when she’s getting stuffed with cock. We did it all, cowgirl, doggy (which she fucking loved hard from behind). Her pussy was so tight and her innocent mannerisms just made my dick twitch beyond belief until I went to shoot a load over her face and it shot out and dripped down her tits wow, so worth the wait this is one sexy girl.



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S2 - EP 027 - Charlyse Angel - International Con

S2 - EP 027 - Charlyse Angel - International ConLength: 39 mins. 46 secs.

What a fucking con, this has to be, one of my most risky and most successful, far-reaching pieces of bull shit I have span out of my fucking mouth ever. I was looking through some social networking sites and came across Charlyse. I didn’t even realize she was a model at first as I was just blown away by how fucking fit she was. Then I started looking at her tweets and she was a model coming over to the UK for her first ever UK shoot with a company, and had landed in London and forgot the companies details, address, number and couldn’t even remember the fucking name of the company. So I took my chance and pretended that I was him. I told her thank god I had seen her tweets bla bla bla. Then I found out the guy she was meeting was called Paul too, hahaha fucking quality. Scarlet pointed out when I was telling her that I think I have persuaded her to come all the way from London to shoot for us, she kindly stated what if she asks why you are in the north east of England and not London. So off the top of my head and thanks to Scarlet for thinking of that as I could have been caught out, I told her that we had moved head quarters. I said to her imagine if she hadn’t posted on the net on her profile and then I found her online the day of the shoot, there wouldn’t of been time to get her here. I know it just comes to me naturally all these lies. I also warned her that there’s a lot of fakes in the UK and some people pretend to be who there aren’t so don’t fall for it, as they will say anything especially someone as beautiful as her (flattery always works) So for some reason she fell for it, I don’t know fucking how, I’m not even going to question it, it fucking worked and she said she was arriving. The day came round and I had my doubts, as just because she said she was on her way didn’t mean anything and the chances of the real company ringing her and her finding out I’m a fucking bull shitter was very high. She arrived on time as Scarlet went to meet her at the train station.  When she arrived I was fucking blown away, wow wow wow. She asked if I was Mr, someone or other, I cant remember  what she said. I just said fucking yes. Well I thought first of all I would get a fucking nice blowjob. She actually got a call from the real company and she told them to get lost. Ha she believed me over them. She had a very calm, slow way of sucking dick but man it felt good, she tickled my cock with her tongue and it had my dick throbbing. There’s something amazing about a stunning girl looking up at you sucking on your cock so slowly instead of being a slut. She still built up a nice load and I still shot it in her open mouth. She was acting weird almost as if she knew I was a con man so not sure what she thought at the end. When we stopped filming she acted as if she knew a random guy had just had his cock sucked, as she had worked all over the world  with some the biggest companies so I guess she could tell I’m a fucker chancer.


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S2 - EP 028 - Sasha - Porn Persuasion

S2 - EP 028 - Sasha - Porn PersuasionLength: 31 mins. 19 secs.

Wow I never thought I’d see this girl again. She came in for a photo shoot a while back and of course you all know by now how my photo shoots go. I get them used to the camera, get them to flash some flesh and then I get my cock out. I already mentioned that and she wasn’t too keen. Depending on what mood I am in I will kindly drop it in the conversation when they are here for a photo shoot. Or if I have cause to black mail them then I will take the chance. This was one of those days where I mentioned porn to see if she goes for it. To say she was shocked and didn’t know how fast to get out of there was a fucking understatement. Luckily I got sex that day as Carly Rae had walked past my house and owed me a fuck. Then out of the blue one day Sasha stopped by and get this, even though she was shocked at first, she had been away to think about it. She had chatted about it to one of her girl friends and she decided she wanted to give it a go. Because I didn’t want history to repeat itself I thought blowjob would be the safest bet, I can work on fucking her later. Well fuck me this was a surprise, yeah that’s right I was the one who was surprised this time. When she got on her knees and took my hard cock in her mouth, she deep throated and what proceeded was one of the messiest blowjobs I have ever had, I shit you not. I thought she was a shy girl, but all along the idea of doing it on camera made her nervous, the fact she was amazing ast sucking cock, she decided to keep that to herself which is why I was totally blown away when she sucked my dick. Wow she had my dick twitching in no time, I love sloppy blowjobs and this was the messiest I had ever had. It’s a good fucking thing I unloaded in her fucking mouth and she swallowed the lot, as she had that much fucking spit for her face, if I came over her face you wouldn’t of been able to tell where the spit ended and the spunk began. Man I fucking love being surprised like this.

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S2 - EP 029 - Devon Breeze - Council Slut

S2 - EP 029 - Devon Breeze - Council SlutLength: 45 mins. 21 secs.

Wow I thought I was in for it today. I thought I was well and truly fucking caught out and all for trying to do someone a good dead and not a thought for my self. Well maybe a little thought for myself, well maybe a big thought for myself. Ok so I was fucking my old Neighbor Lucy and I didn’t want to give her up as if I did then I wouldn’t be able to pound her anymore would I? So really in thinking of myself this lead to me actually helping her so really the thought was there right? Anyway right back to when I met Lucy the people in the apartment block never forgave her for the noise she made. I of course did as I persuaded her to do porn with the plan of helping her with her modeling career, but basically telling her the same bullshit I do to others, that I have global contacts. The council 2 years on was still-hunting her and now they were going after me. When Devon the council worker tracked me down she was trying to get me to admit I knew Lucy so they could fine her. I lied out of my teeth like I always do, but this time it didn’t work, because Devon knew I was lying before I opened my fucking mouth. Yep that’s right she knew I knew her and she knew about my fucking porn site here too. When I knew I had been found out I tried to explain that Lucy was innocent. I was very heroic I thought, trying to save her and my dick. Devon wasn’t impressed that although I was now telling the truth, how was she to know that?  She went to leave and as she did she said she was going to open the case on my porn venture that I was doing while renting the flat off the council. I tried to stop her leaving and its then that she started rubbing my cock and demanded I showed her what I could do and she may drop the case. Next thing I know she was asking me to eat her pussy out. Well of course it was better than being fined off the council but it was also fucking hot as she had a massive pair of tits and she was a MILF slut buy the sound of it and of course I wanted to fuck her, she was really sexy. She sucked on my already hard cock and then I got on top of her to pound her pussy. I then bent her over and fucked her hard from behind. She had an amazing arse to bang. Then out of nowhere she asked me to fuck her in the arse. I didn’t waste a second and even though I was happy to be banging Devon because she was hot, I took this as my chance to take my anger out on getting caught off her and her proving I was lying, so I fucked her tight arsehole nice and deep and hard. This had my fucking balls tingling so I got her to kneel on her knees and I shot my load right in her mouth. Wow, it could have been big trouble for me but instead she got a big spunk load, now that was a fucking close one.


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S2 - EP 030 - Stella Cox - Cock Sucking Thank You

S2 - EP 030 - Stella Cox - Cock Sucking Thank YouLength: 30 mins. 52 secs.

Wow there’s ways to say thank you. Buy someone a thank you card, buy them a beer, some flowers or a box of chocolates but a thank you blowjob, now that my friends is the fucking future. That is exactly what Stella did. I was watching some horror films and Scarlet fucking hates them, but hey, its my house, my fucking rules. She is always on at me to turn them off as she doesn’t like them but I just tell her to go to her fucking room. But when Stella came round to say Hi, she mentioned she hated horror films and bang, the TV was off, she didn’t have to tell me twice. Hell it’s worth staying on her good side, with her fucking skills. I was a bit annoyed deep down she was just stopping by, as if I had known I would of made sure I had enough cash on me to pay her for another fucking hot hardcore scene. She explained that she had been getting loads of work and to thank me for getting in contact with her on the tube site I found her on and shooting a real porn with her. I didn’t have the heart all the balls to admit the work wasn’t coming from me as I don’t have any fucking contacts. I knew that deep down it was down to her, fucking hell look at her she’s fucking stunning  She’s probably the only girl who would get work without anyone’s help. But the fact she thought it was me, why would I bust her bubble or not take the credit for it. I mentioned that we should get together when she had more time and then she started rubbing my leg and said she wanted to say thank you. Yep I couldn’t believe it either but she wanted to suck my dick to say thank you. I know, I know what your thinking, you lucky nerdy cunt. I know I am, don’t worry about that but she loves sucking cock, I really don’t think she cares who’s cock she sucks, just as long as she has some meat in her mouth. One of Stella’s blowjobs will do me to show me she’s grateful. Fuck as soon as she locked her lips around me I just knew I was in for a good time, she put lots of effort in and really wanted to suck my cock good because she was so grateful. She even asked me to give her my load in her mouth, as she wanted to swallow it. I mean come on you can’t make this shit up. Cum I did, a nice cum load right in her fucking mouth and down her throat. Stella is a cum slut but a fucking beautiful one at that.






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S3 - EP - 019 – Paige Fox – Return Of The Porn

S3 - EP - 019 – Paige Fox – Return Of The PornLength: 28 mins. 28 secs.

Another porn star who isn’t easily fooled. For gods sake, why won’t people who don’t know nothing about how other countries run their porn industry not assume the worst. I mean in my case I am the worst, the very worst as there is no job, there is no agents, but Paige doesn’t know that, not for definite. So why does she assume there is something dodgy here. I thought I would never see her again, as she did a solo last time she was here then decided she would research into me before coming back, well that was me fucked then wasn’t it? I knew she wouldn’t find anything about me good or bad, not unless some girl I have pissed off in the past had posted a blog bout avoiding a nerd arse hole who is pretending to be a porn producer. But not finding anything on me at all isn’t going to look good either really is it? So I had admitted defeat there if I am honest. So imagine my surprise when two days before Christmas Paige called me. I thought it was to give me a bollocking and that she is letting all professional porn stars she knows to stay away from me. But actually she was ringing to say that she wanted to do the next part of the audition and basically because she had not found anything bad on me at all, this meant she thought I was safe to work with. I couldn’t believe it. Even if it is close to Christmas I always have time for a nosh. Hell I’d shoot a porn scene on fucking Christmas day if it wasn’t for the fact of having my family round. So of course I said I was up for it. Cut to the next day and Scarlet was seeing friends with it being so close to Christmas and exchanging gifts and all that bollocks. I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I only have Scarlet here to make me look more professional having someone to do the camera work but Paige already kind of trusted me and the fact she really wanted to work in the US it was kind of letting her guard down bit. But what the hey I don’t care. So when she arrived she was ready to get stuck in and suck some cock to show the US agents of mine how good she was. Hey she didn’t hold back either, she was a really good cock sucker and I know I didn’t believe she was a pro either as I hadn’t heard of her at first, but the way she sucked on my cock she had me sold. She sucked, she slurped, she gulped and she spat all over my veiny hard nerd cock. She kept saying she loved sucking cock, err yeah I could fucking tell that, just by how it felt. Like a true porn star she took my nerd load all over her face, Merry Fucking Christmas Paul is what I say, it was defiantly ho ho ho in my house that day.

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S3 - EP - 018 – Tattiana – The Return Of The B

S3 - EP - 018 – Tattiana – The Return Of The BLength: 40 mins. 35 secs.

After chatting tattiana up on a chat site that Scarlet kept mistaking it for a dating site, that really kept pissing me off, she always said she would come back. I sort of expected she would with her being a swinger and thats how I met her but you never truly know. She may of seen through my bull shit, done her research online and found out I’m a fraud or she just may of found this site, where I brag to you guys that I bone chicks all the time with made up stories to convince them. When I received her call however I was over the moon. She said she wanted to come back for the second part of the audition process or as she called it round 2. Well that was fine by me as this time it meant I was getting sex. I even said Scarlet was free to film it, which I did without checking with her, this time I didn’t want to give her the chance to not be here, I wanted to fuck this big fitted girl, without having to worry about the camera work. She arrived pretty much dressed, with a sexy top on that had her tits bursting to get out and into my mouth. We wasted no time, I knew what she was here for and so did she so it was straight up stairs and on to the red nerdy porn casting couch. Her tits were talking to me, they were fucking begging me to put them in my mouth and suck on them. So I wasted no time stuffing my mouth full of her massive bangers. I then fingered her wet pussy as I sucked on one of her massive fun bags, It was time for her to suck my hard cock and sit on it. Listen to the noises this girl makes when she is riding a cock, she's a swinger for a reason and that reason is she likes a different cock all the time. You gotta be grateful for swingers who let you film them while you fuck them. She loved being pounded hard while on top of her, I kept giving her long, hard and fast nerd deep fucks and she loved it. I had her out of breathe when I bent her over and took her from behind, as a passing reference I mentioned fucking her up her other hole as she had mentioned she sticks her sex toys up her arse when I was chatting to her online. Figured if you don’t ask you don’t get. She said yes like it was nothing and so I gave her a nice deep nerd arse fucking just as she deserved. She made a reference to coming back for round 3, she really enjoyed it she said… I’m up for that, I will have any of her holes thats on offer and whenever that will be. Fucking top day I must say.

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S3 - EP - 020 – Kinky Pink – Fuck A Fan

S3 - EP - 020 – Kinky Pink – Fuck A FanLength: 53 mins. 53 secs.

What the fuck, am I just the luckiest person in the world ever. I have fucked some stunners in my time but one lady I have always wanted to fuck was Kinky Pink. Of course she is an award winning singer/song writer so it only ever happened in my dreams. Or so I thought. I have lost count of how many fucking horny dreams I have had over her, or how many wanks for that matter. But I think everyone male and female has a famous person they want to fuck and for me it has always been Kinky Pink. I have been to see her live a few times, admittedly I cut a hole in my jeans pocket so I could play with myself while she is on stage as she is really fucking raunchy when it comes to live stage shows. I have seen her in concert a total of 3 times, now its fucking hard to get a ticket when the tickets sell out in 30 mins right across the country. So the local radio station where giving tickets away, not only to see her live but to meet her. Now I know what you are thinking, and yes you are right Paul will cum in his pants as soon as he see’s her. Yes you are right I probably will. However with the fact that she's famous and has lots of security guards, I don’t think that I stand a chance to actually fucking her and I never though I’d say this but meeting her in the flesh would probably be enough, I could wank fucking loads over that memory. Now the first problem was to get fucking Scarlet off the phone. Then I had to enter my name into the draw and wait. I got up extra early to ring the number as soon as the lines opened. I was that fucking excited. I tried and tried for a good 20 minutes and was ready to give up when an auto message came on and said I was in position 27. So when it was my turn I left my name and number and that was that. 6 months later I fucking won, yes I did, you heard me right the first time I fucking won. I couldn't believe it. Scarlet begged me to take her with me and with of course I tried my luck and said I would let her if she sucked my cock, she said no then reminded me that if she went she could film it. If only it was that type of film eh??? The day came round and as I knocked on her hotel room door after getting past all of her body guards, when she answered the door, yes I almost shot my load, big style. I was just starring at her the whole time we were chatting and i just couldn’t believe it. She kept getting calls too when we were sitting, and through dinner too. She didn’t seem that happy about it I know that. I got my photo taken with her and had some pictures signed. She then had another strange phone call, we offered to leave and she said yes, as I went to leave she shut the door and said that she had been let down my a gentlemen caller and that maybe I should stay for a while. Scarlet had to quickly explain that a gentlemen caller was a male escort. Seems when Kinky Pink is away from her family she has fun and basically gets a guy ordered to her room. She then asked if I wanted to entertain her, I thought I was dreaming, or that it was a setup or a joke. Turned out that she was horny and this was my lucky day, well that was the understatement of the fucking year. She did say that filming it turned her on but with her being famous theres no way we could film it and she couldn't risk it getting out. I understood that and rather than not do it, for the first time in my life I wasn’t bothered that I couldn’t. I did say if it turned her on Scarlet could film it but I’d give her the memory card, I missed out the part that I can hit a button on the camera that will copy from the card to the memory of the video camera. She actually agreed and let us film it. She basically ordered me there and then to eat out her pussy, let me think, Me Paul Taylor, the Nerd Pervert eat out Kinky Pinks pussy, hell fucking yeah open them legs baby. I can’t describe what it tasted like, it was a Kinky Pink, fan boys wet dream. It was better than all of my dreams. She then told me to stand up and she got on her knees and got my cock out. Fucking hell Kinky Pink was even better than I dream, just looking down on her and seeing her a famous face looking back up at me. She deep throated, played up to Scarlet’s camera, she is a true performer as we all already know. I think she figured I’d be excited and so she said she would calm me down first as in make me cum so I’d actually last long enough to fucking not shoot my load, when she fumed me. I did shoot a great load in her mouth though, how could I not I’ve fantasied about this so many times. Hopefully there will be a part two as the memory card didn’t copy the footage right so I have had to send it to a technician to look at and hopefully he can recover it for me, here’s hoping as I want it for my wank bank. Best think is I gave her the card and I had a copy or part of a one, so this Nerd Pervert is even conning popstars now.

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S3 - EP - 017 – Saskia – Serial Wanker

S3 - EP - 017 – Saskia – Serial WankerLength: 26 mins. 39 secs.

Sometimes I am lucky though. I have been toying with the idea of creating a fake website to act as these so called fake US agents I say I work for, just on the off chance that some bitch I’ve conned in the past decides to contact them to confirm my credentials. Not all of them will believe what I say forever. Luckily this week I had uploaded it and just in the nick of time too. As Saskia was a girl who wanted to be a model, so she decided to by pass me and go directly to them with a personal shot video to show them of her twatting herself off. Good job they didn’t exist or I wouldn’t of got any action. The beauty of this setup is I can verify myself as another person to confirm that yes Paul Taylor is our agent in the UK. I thought I would leave contacting her for a while to make it look like this fake US Company is for real. However in doing that she contacted me saying she had heard nothing from the US guys. I saw this as my chance to try and get her to do her audition with me. She came round to discuss this and I told her that although she was keen the reason why she had not been contacted was because she sent a video in herself and that’s what they hire us for. The fact she caught me fucking wanking as she arrived I already had my dick hard and I said we could do it there an then and at least she will have an official audition tape. The fact she had pinned her hopes on her career actually taking off, I think helped things more. She agreed to film an audition there and then and luckily Scarlet was free to film it. She was a little shy but she noshed on my cock real good. She took it in her mouth pretty deep and got my cock nice and sloppy and wet just how I like it. I then did something I don’t normally do, instead of blowing a load over her face or shoot a big cum load in her mouth, I shot a big load all over her fucking massive tits and considering the size of them I think I gave them a great covering.

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S3 - EP - 016 – Lola Gatsby – Tight Fuck

S3 - EP - 016 – Lola Gatsby – Tight FuckLength: 37 mins. 8 secs.

I hate it when things are quiet, it really worries me. Has the word got out? Has the industry I have pretended to work in, found out due to some model blabbing about some fake nerdy bastard. I had no models answer my emails to fake castings. I hadn’t met any new girls off the street and I had not shot my load over a sluts face for a few weeks. Then I had an idea of submitting an ad in the local paper asking for models. Of course I had to lure them in so I couldn’t mention getting prodded with a nerd vainly cock but I could say things like modeling, glamour maybe even nude if I was feeling daring. After a few let downs I met Lola and eventually I conned her into to sucking on my cock. She said she would return and of course she fucking didn’t. Every time a model has time to ponder on what happened to them on my set, they usually realize something wasn’t quiet right, that’s why I like to get them early. However out of the blue and when I didn’t expect it Lola called me up and said she would like to do the next part of the audition. Well fucking great lets fucking do this. She arrived all keen to get going and it was a big change from the last time, as I had to talk her into it. She had fun just sucking my cock and she wanted more and lets face it there’s always more of my cock to go around right? Yes Paul there is I hear you say. So we wasted no time, we got her up stairs on the red fuck couch and I dug in. And by dug in I mean, my fucking hands wandered all over her tiny little petite body. She even had no kickers on when I lifted her dress up, to revel her hairy ginger bush so refreshing with so many bald pussies kicking about. She played with herself for the camera and then I rammed my already hard cock right up her pussy. Then something happened that never happened to me before. My cock was too much for her; she was that tight that it actually was too much for her to take. Now we all know my cock isn’t big, it’s not small either but it would never be called big. That has never bothered me I have no shame I live for the pussy and as long as I get it then I don’t care what people say or do. But when I banged her she acted as if it hurt a little, when I bent her over and tried trusting her hard, she acted even more as if it hurt. This made me feel like the king of porn and was such a turn on I just had to shoot my load all over her fucking face. She’s so cute and now she’s been soiled by yours truly and all I can say is booyaa bitches.

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S3 - EP - 015 - Lucy Lane – The On going Con

S3 - EP - 015 - Lucy Lane – The On going ConLength: 31 mins. 15 secs.

This just goes on and fucking on and not that I am complaining but you know. I do sit back sometimes and think how long is she going to be this stupid. Lovely girl but come on this is the 7th video I have shot you in. This is the second time we have shot your audition tapes for the fake American contacts I claim to have, so how long will she let me fuck her about like this? A long time I hope, but I have to admit I think I have nailed it with this one, not because this con is the longest running one and all other girls have realized that I’m a cunt, but that I think I’m acting the right way with her. Conning her into thinking I’m nice and helpful, you guys know me by now I am totally different and don’t care about anyone or if they enjoy it as long as I fucking do. I had intended for Scarlet to shoot this scene but again she had other fucking plans. This was supposed to be the re shoot of the footage I said I had fucking lost, and I wanted Scarlet here to better sell the bull shit to Lucy. However with the right charm I told her that this was another kind of video that the US guys wanted to see and that their criteria had changed from the last time we shot her. It was now normal to shoot different casting videos in different styles to better show them what type of style shoot she was suited too, so they could better match her to the right projects. I don’t know where I think of this shit but its good. In fact this has inspired me to pull this shit on other girls, why shoot one video when I can shoot loads. Of course not all will believe me and some that I haven’t heard of since might hang up on me and tell me to drop dead when I say this to them as at the end of the day some will know now that they have been had. But that’s ok, it’s worth the risk to try and get more pussy right? Right well onto Lucy I basically turned the cameras on and fucked her, Scarlet or no fucking Scarlet I was going to get some pussy off Lucy and she happily went along with it. She sat on my cock, I deep pussy fucked her and I bent her over and pounded her after blowing a load in her face, not bad at all for an evening in the winter nights when there’s fuck all to do.

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S3 - EP - 014 - Olga Cabaeca – The Russian Con P

S3 - EP - 014 - Olga Cabaeca – The Russian Con PLength: 24 mins. 10 secs.

I had a great fucking blowjob off Olga and considering she stormed out on me and saw me for the con man I really am, getting a bit cock sucking action out of it wasn’t bad going. I wanted Scarlet there at the start as I knew even someone as talented as me speaking bullshit was pushing it with a famous Russian porn star. Thats why I wanted Scarlet there to make me look like I at least had some sort of team. But she wasn’t which is what lead to this girl seeing right through my bull shit, then by some stroke of genius as she was leaving after storming out Scarlet was coming the other way and talked her into coming inside again. She actually helped me get a blowjob when she wasn’t even meaning too hahaha. So getting my cock sucked and mentioning to her she has come all this way, I ended up getting to fuck her too. Seriously the fucking ups and downs this day had, hence that this is a 3 part episode as it was just a whirl wind of will she or wont she. Since she had swallowed my cum she went all in. Now we all know she was an anal freak judging my the size of the fucking dildos that I rammed up her arse. Well this BG scene was just an anal fucking. The slut wasn’t interested in normal pussy fucking she just wanted it up her tight Russian arse. Hey I’m easy I don't mind as long as I am fucking a hole. She bounced on my cock like she had never had anal since like forever, you can tell she got off on a real dick more than a toy, it was easy to tell my how far up she shoved it. Getting pounded from behind, with nice deep, hard thrusts she responded to very well, and boy the cum load she took in her mouth, man she made me shoot, it was all the arse fucking it really got me going man, and like a good little slut she swallowed it all. Her face was a mess just the way I like it, what a hell of a 3 parter make sure you don’t miss any, it all builds to this, just like the cum in my balls.

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S3 - EP - 013 - Olga Cabaeca – The Russian Con P

S3 - EP - 013 - Olga Cabaeca – The Russian Con PLength: 29 mins. 8 secs.

Well that went fucking tits up didn’t it. I told her in the email before she even flew over from fucking Russia that this was an audition. What is it about the already porn stars that take it to heart when you say they have to audition to be put through my cast process. Oh wait, thats because it is really taking the piss. However I think its a believable con, especially if they aren’t from the UK, how will they know how every fucking country on the fucking planet runs there porn industry, answer they don’t. It may go against everything they have ever fucking known about the industry where they come from but here at Dusk Films we do things differently. When she stormed out after eating her pussy and fucking her arse whole with her favourite sex toy, I think its safe to say I had a massive fucking boner, thats a given. When she walked out and agreed to an audition because she thought I was a character of the website and she still thought she was going to get paid, well I have to say I did feel sorry for her. I also felt sorry for my now semi erect nerd penis too. There was nothing I could say to talk her into it, but then help came from the most unlikely of places. Scarlet who was supposed to be here to shoot the scenes today got stuck in traffic, she had just arrived home, never seen Olga before, all she saw was a rather upset looking girl outside my house, Scarlet hadn’t even seen her leave the house, but because she knows me too well, she saw her and put two and two together. She knows if you see a horny sexy girl walking anywhere near my house then, it has to be linked to me and my video camera. I don’t know what was said outside by Scarlet, I was spying through the blinds but couldn’t hear from the living room, but whatever it was Olga started to walk back into the house. I made my self scarce for now. Unknown to me and even Scarlet she kindly said that with some Uk studios do hold auditions, she never actually meant me and I know if a model turns me down, Scarlet thinks I deserve it and wouldn't be willing help me get a girl interested. Scarlet meant other companies and Olga thought she meant me, I hold auditions. Ha after that chat she still wasn't entirely convinced by me but Scarlet saying that to her, made Olga continue with the scenes for her so called audition. I was fucking horny and the next part was for Olga to suck my dick. We stripped her down, I figured lets get this going quick before something else happens, she started to play with herself on the sofa at the other end of the room, teasing me. I already had my hard cock out and was just stroking my cock while Olga did her thing but this made me even more horny. I asked her to come over and suck my cock and she crawled over to it and started to suck on my balls. Fuck a women on her knees crawling to suck my cock drives me insane. She started teasing me licking my balls really slowly with her tongue while all the more turning me on even more if that possible, if she didn’t get to work soon on my cock it was going to spit on its own with excitement. When she did start to suck my cock, ohhhh my fucking word, no one told me Russian girls could suck cock like this, they lock their fucking lips around your cock, and take it all in, while keeping pressure around your cock as they go up and down. Olga also gave me a messy blowjob while letting the spit drip down my cock and all over my balls, what a professional fucking whore. She had me totally going and had me wanting to shoot straight away, and even though I’m not bothered how long I last or what people think, I wanted to last longer for me as I was enjoying this nosh so so much. But the time came when I couldn’t hold out anymore and so I got her on her knees and blew my load in her open mouth, she even played with it and slopped it around oh man she was good. She was still here too for Part 3 of the audition so stay tuned for that.

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S3 - EP - 011 - Tattiana – Tattooed Newbie

S3 - EP - 011 - Tattiana – Tattooed NewbieLength: 30 mins. 51 secs.

I must admit, back in the day when I was shy, yes you heard me,even the internets most perverted dude was shy at one point. Shy people used to get laughed at trying to get a girlfriend online but now its the fucking norm. I’ve just tweaked it a bit, I’m not looking for a girl friend, I’m looking for a whore to suck my nerd dick and bounce on my cock. I was chatting up a girl Tattiana one day on a chat site, and we swopped user names and started chatting on Skype. She thought I was funny and cute. She asked me to send her a picture, now things were getting fucking interesting. Scarlet walked in the living room just as things were heating up. She even made a comment on it being a dating site, but I put her straight there and then. I was trying to find a picture to send her, then she asked me again, man she was really keen to see a picture of me, actually I think she is going to be disappointed when she sees what I look like. She said she knew how to make me send one faster, all of a sudden she started to send me over a file, and it was a picture of her. Get this, it was a picture of her tits and what a fucking pair of tits they were too. Her tits were big and in my eyes beautiful and on closer inspection she actually had cum all over her nipples. I started turning the charm on and Scarlet left me to it. After a week or so I came clean about what I do, no not that, not that I con girls into porn, you think I’m stupid. No I told her the usual bullshit and me being a casting agent. She wanted to meet up as she was very interested in hearing all about it, she even joked about maybe wanting to star in one of my porn films. That my friends I do believe means I have a date. Booyaaaa. The day came and Tatiana did show up, I explained how everything works and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to do it even though she was keen, she had to think about it. Fuck I totally mis understood when I was chatting to her online, I thought she wanted to do a scene, like right now, but it turns out she wanted the facts first then have a think about it. So to say I was disappointed was an understatement. After talking to her a bit longer she said she would suck my cock today, have a think and come back and do a full sex scene. You know as well as I do that some never come back, but hey the offer of a quick gobble is on the table and its not to be fucking sniffed at. So out came my cock, the mention of the word blowjob gives me a boner so I was already hard and willing for her. She started to suck my cock and she seemed very keen to please me and thats ok with me. She even deep throated my cock a few times, when she got those massive tits out, I was in a trance, they are even bigger and better in person, oh my fucking lord. I got to feel these massive things and then she gave me a tit want. Now my cock isn't the biggest I know but it looked even fucking smaller compared to her large tits and at one point it totally vanished in between those massive mountains.  She actually asked if I wanted to cum in her mouth, and you my fans, what do you think I said back to her?????? Of course I fucking did, you know me too well, I said yes I want to cum in her mouth. As she got on her knees and I was building up my cum load she started tickling my balls with her long nails, wow it made them tingle, shoot out a few streams of white sticky man batter and down the hatch it went. Not bad for someone I met on the internet.


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S3 - EP - 012 - Olga Cabaeca – The Russian Con P

S3 - EP - 012 - Olga Cabaeca – The Russian Con PLength: 31 mins. 42 secs.

I have had international pornstars over before and this time it was time to do it again. Months and months ago I spotted Olga on a model site. She is Russian and fucking hot as hell too. I sent her a message with the usual shit about us being UK company who would like to shoot her. I never got a reply back, or rather thats what I thought. Then one day I was chilling watching some porn when I got an email come through on my phone. I couldn’t believe it, it was from Olga, it only took her 3 fucking months. She said that she really wanted to work with us and was visiting family over in the UK so she could come and work with us while she was here. I ran up to tell Scarlet who was in her room, I just walked in again hoping to catch her naked, no such luck. She took the piss as usual since I said we are going global. I don't know what she's laughing at, if I managed to make my fake castings go global well then my friends I will be the unlimited porn conman. Anyway we arranged a date and time and the rest they say is history. On the day Scarlet didn't turn up, Olga was due to arrive and Scarlet wasn’t here, she wasn’t answering her phone or anything, then when she did she said she was on her way but was stuck in traffic. Fucking great all that time I put into conning this Russian bird to come over and Scarlet isn't here, I said we were a global company, it fucking looks like it when I can’t even get my camera lady to be on time. When she arrived we decided to film her playing with herself to get her warmed up ( it was also to buy me some time while I wait of Miss Grey getting back) .I thought we could do that, first, then I could get my knob out. She was happy to play with her pussy for me and then when I asked if I could play with it, she gladly agreed, you could tell she was a pro, even though this was an audition to get work in the US, she already knew all the tricks of the trade. I then went down on her and tasted her already wet and juicy pussy and it was delicious. I then started to use a toy on her, and started to fuck her with her sexy toy, I liked the way this was going. She then asked me to ram her toy up her arse, it turns out she loved anal and anything up her arse she could fit up there, so I arse fucked her with that. I was telling her how well this audition was going as it was one of the best then she started asking about money. I told her she would have to audition and for me to send these tapes away to the US, she thought it was a act as if I was playing a fucking character or something. When I said no it was a real audition she stormed off, told me to go fuck myself and that was it. Fucking great, she said yes to the whole thing, but only because she thought it was the theme. Scarlet wasn’t hear to back me up, so I couldn’t really say anything back to her. God I really wanted to sick my cock in her mouth for her to choke on it too. See forget what those sex manuals claim, spend time on foreplay it says. Well if you fucking too and don't get to the knobbin, they can storm off before you get the chance to slip them your nerd cock. I was very disappointed here, but hey I got some of it on, and she does look good getting fucked my a dildo Ah well you don't win them all I guess.

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S3 - EP - 010 - Paige Fox – Gash On Tap

S3 - EP - 010 - Paige Fox – Gash On TapLength: 29 mins. 45 secs.

Well what a dilemma this was. I didn’t know what to do for the best. I’m usually good at getting sex off chicks, incase you haven’t noticed over the 100 plus scene on this website I’m a pretty fast thinker. I can adapt and think on my feet in a situation. Which is funny really as at school I couldn't do fuck all, but when theres pussy involved my brain seems to access a higher brain function, that gets me through. I’m still trying to work out if its my brain in my head or my dick radar, I'm guessing the second one. So Paige Fox emailed me asking me or work, she had seen one of my fake adverts on the internet and wanted to get work in the states. Trouble was apparently according to her she was a well known UK pornstar that had been away for 3 years and come back. Now I had been kicking around honing my nerdy skills back then and I can’t remember her. There isn’t many pornstars I would not want to fuck and looking at the pictures Paige sent me, she was one of them. I didn’t know who she was, then it dawned on me, what if she was full shit? What if she was a new girl and she was just lying about being a well known pornstar, I mean I do it, saying I’m a producer she could be pulling the same trick on me and thats my fucking job. I asked Scarlet if she had seen her before and she didn’t know either. So as good as I am at getting pussy I always have a game plan, with Paige I didn’t know which way to go. I could pay her to fuck me since she's a pornstar or I could tell her if she is a new girl she has to audition, basically I didn't want to be paying her a pornstar rate if she was fucking lying to me. I relied back I was happy to shoot her and that she could come in for an audition, a week later she was here. I hadn’t planned what I was going to do at this stage so I was just going to see how she was. Scarlet wasn’t here to film so I had my usual one man band setup. When she arrived she said straight away that she was a pornstar and when she found out my auditions where a full scene she was dead set against. She said it was too late in her career and she didn’t need to do that type of thing. I told her thats the way the US guys I work for wanted it. She told me to send them links of her to watch to show she can do it, I had to think fast and I made up some bull shit story that they want it from me and don't like looking all over the internet. I said I send them a lot of girls and they would just pass her by. No matter what I said she didn’t want to do a full scene, and it made it worse that she hadn’t heard of me either. She agreed to do a solo scene, I was gutted I won’t lie, I got her in here to suck my dick and fuck me not play with herself while I stand there with a hard on. I warned her that the agents may only cast her in solo scenes in that case, and she said she would look into me and come back if she thought it was for real but didn't want to get conned. So away she went stripping off in front of me, playing with her pussy in front of me, it was too much. You know me, I asked if I could play with her pussy, at least it would be very basic male interaction. She agreed and seemed to like that when I started doing it. Man she was fucking wet I will tell you that. She even wanted to suck off her pussy juice off my fingers. My dick was officially throbbing. I asked her if I could taste her, now very wet pussy and she said yes, so I went down on her and buried my head in between her legs. Wow she sure tasted good, I licked her pussy nice and slow and then started to speed but, she loved having her pussy eaten out. I was enjoying it but the more turned on she got and wetter she got the more I wanted to fuck her and really try her pussy out. She told me she was going to cum and I kept licking faster and faster. My chin was covered in her juices, I was going to say how about you suck my dick, but she wasn’t a fool this one, and I was pretty convinced after all that she was a pornstar and I just hadn’t heard of her for some weird reason. She said she would google me and get back to me and come back for an audition if I seemed for real. That was me fucked then, theres no way that she is going to find anything on me to confirm what I am saying. I guess I can kiss that chance good bye, fuck I was almost there too dam.

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S3 - EP - 009 - Jessica Lo – Anal Finale

S3 - EP - 009 - Jessica Lo – Anal FinaleLength: 48 mins. 40 secs.

Well it’s a sad day. Jessica the ever so talented now pornstar, thanks to me is leaving the industry and going on to bigger and better things. Such a shame. I am actually truthfully doubly gutted as this also means I wont be getting to fuck her anymore, or if by some slim chance I do, it won’t be on camera. If she is no longer doing porn then I won’t be able to shoot her sucking my cock and jumping on the end of my dick really will I? But hey looking back we had some fucking good times and I mean good times. From the shy little girl who first came through my door to the pornstar she became she has had quite the journey and Nerd Pervert has captured it all. In her 5 part story on this site you get to see her first scene and her last ever, bit of an exclusive. Her starring in 5 of my videos means I have had sexy fun with her over 5 times. Now that is what I call a fucking result. The camera tests were fun, Scarlet not being around and me and Jessica fucking like crazy on camera , doing what we call camera tests, now those are the kinds of camera tests I’d like. But hey guys you know I push and push and my pervertness knows no limits and we have saved Jessica’s last performance as her best turn on the site so far. We push her further for her last ever scene and this time I get to stick my nerd cock right up her arse. Yep she let my bum her nice and hard and right up to the balls. Not bad at all eh? She thought it felt weird at first and that is natural but when I started to go balls deep and fuck her harder she told me it was making her pussy wet fucking her up the arse.  So that just made me give it to her even harder. This scene has it all for her grand finale, arse to mouth, anal, arse to pussy, she fucking went for it and so did I . I shot a massive load all over her face and in her mouth, spot on and a great farewell to Jessica Lo. Now go back and watch her from the start and wank over it as much as I do, go on, the nerd has spoken.

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S3 - EP - 008 – Devon Breeze – Cumslut Wife

S3 - EP - 008 – Devon Breeze – Cumslut WifeLength: 29 mins. 6 secs.

I love a night out, well I say night but really its just over to Tony or Craig’s house, if Spazy Caz lets Craig that is. We have a few beers, watch a few movies, and maybe play some Xbox. Basically I spend the whole time telling the guys which sluts have been through my door or which pornstars I have fucked. Yep any excuse to talking about hammering pussy and I take it. The lads lap it up, as one is single and the other is practically married to a bitch who always bosses him about, so to them I am their hero and I like it that way. That’s what we usually do, but today I was late going out, as I got distracted. When I say distracted I mean, you try saying no to Devon Breeze when she wants cock. The short answer is you can’t for two reasons. 1 because when she wants your cock she is getting it and 2, its Devon and I know how good she sucks cock and there’s always time for a quick blowjob. Today was one of those days. The first time I met her she was doing her day job and threatening to fine me if I didn’t fuck her, long story watch the first part. Today I found out she was married, yes married and she was on her to meet her husband who was cooking a meal for her because it was their wedding anniversary. Yes you heard it right, and she was still coming to suck my cock. She had the urge to suck another mans cock and she was passing my house. I’m not religious but praise The lord that I am on her way home. I’d already fucked her hard up the arse and remember how good she was at sucking dick so I let her fall to her knees and just get my fucking rod out. I had no idea if she does this a lot, or if this was a first time, but as soon as she locked her lips around my cock, I remembered how you always have time for a blowjob off Devon. She spits, she slurps, she sucks on your balls, she tit wanks you and even deep throats. What more is there to do really. Scarlet came down stairs ready to go out as we were still stood near the front door with Devon’s mouth round my cock and Scarlet got roped into filming it. Once we got into the living room those tits where on display and we  were away, she knows how to build you up until you shoot all over her face and after her blowjobs you certainly shoot a lot as she works you up so good. Lets hope a few times a week Devon stops by to satisfy her cock craving, as mine is always available.


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S3 - EP - 007 - Lola Gatsby – Clueless Student

S3 - EP - 007 - Lola Gatsby – Clueless StudentLength: 45 mins. 27 secs.

Well that was hard work, I don’t mind doing it if it leads to some cock sucking action or getting a hot bitch to fuck me, but I was well and truly drained off that, and I don’t just mean having my balls emptied. I thought it was a good idea placing an ad in the local paper. Of course having to watch how I worded the Ad was a must and with me, well you know I don’t sugar coat things so not just putting on the Ad COME AND SUCK MY COCK APPLY WITHIN was quiet difficult. However I was getting pretty desperate as no models had walked through the door in a long time, well 3 weeks but will balls full of cum, to me that was a long time. I had a few calls but as soon as I explained what it was really about, they either fucking hung up on me or said it wasn’t for me. I was starting to lose hope if I am totally honest. Then Lola called, and she sounded so sweet on the phone. Young impressionable mind, I can spot them a mile off. She had a part time job while going to Uni and she had just quit so needed money pretty quick. That is where I come in; I didn’t want to say too much on the phone so I thought I’d build up to it on the day. Scarlet was already questioning me about what she would be doing, lets face it working with me for 4 years and living with me for one year, she knows how I think. When Lola turned up I thought she was so cute and a tight little body too, me and my cock where made up. So we started off with a photo shoot and the trick here was to mention the next level as we were doing the previous. So first mentioning the money and then what she had too do, so in taking her through solo, then, me fingering her tight snatch, to her sucking my dick it was seamless as she moved up the levels. Too bad she wasn’t getting paid on this shoot, as this was an audition however she did really well. Once she locked her lips around my cock that was it, she sucked for fucking Great Britain, it was worth all the fuss and talking her into it because it had all paid off. I had this sexy petite red head sucking on my man meat; she even tried to deep throat my cock. She was pretty clueless on porn and how things went down, even though she was sucking my cock she still thought it was posing on video, so when she asked how long she had to do this for and I told her until I cum, she was shocked a little but took a nice thick load on her fucking chin, again she was surprised but she was looking forward to her new modeling career, Too bad there isn’t one and I don’t know anyone, but she will get another job out of it, another audition as she still has to fuck me yet, less hope she doesn’t work it out before I can get her back and Nerd Fuck her. Great day.


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S3 - EP - 006 - Sasha - Scottish Fuck Slut

S3 - EP - 006 - Sasha - Scottish Fuck SlutLength: 44 mins. 3 secs.

Sasha has come a long way since I first met her. Only wanted to do under wear modeling, basically legged it out the house when I mentioned open leg pictures and porn work. But hey I have to mention these things, as a fake agent I have to tell the girls what levels are what and most importantly how much they will get for going higher, hell that’s how I fucking reel them in after all. I thought I had seen the last of her, but then her friends told her to go for the porn. Hey she has some fucking great friends as I dropped the ball with Sasha and didn’t have a clear way of upping my game but her friends fucking did if for me. So we ended up filming her sucking on my veiny nerd cock. She then called me and said she wanted to do full porn. She had watched a few online and like the idea of fucking lots of guys with big muscles and big cocks. Hey why wouldn’t she like the idea of that, that’s like asking me to I like fucking chicks with big tits and a nice juicy wet hole, and the answer is FUCK YEAH I do. Sasha can fuck as many fit guys, as she wants if that’s the career path she has chosen. All she has to do is fuck me first, fuck the nerd with the fake contacts worldwide, fuck me and swallow my man batter and the big cocks are yours. It’s a small price to pay right? Well I think it is. All I had to do was put it that way and hopefully she will do what it takes if she is determined. She must have really wanted those big cocks then as she agreed to do an audition with me, yeyyy. Her cocking sucking skills as you know are off the hook; she’s a cock-slurping slut. Its not until I got my dick up her is when I realized holy shit, this girl loves dick. She moans, she squeals if she has a dick inside her up to the balls she loves it. She likes being fucked hard and deep, check out her massive swinging tits when she’s being taken hard in doggie. She does what she does brilliantly too and opens wide for a nice nerd load, another success… Just.

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S3 - EP 001 - Lucy Lane - A Spunky Favour

S3 - EP 001 - Lucy Lane - A Spunky FavourLength: 36 mins. 10 secs.

This girl is so lovely, so kind and so trusting it almost makes me feel guilty. I know you guys will be expecting me to say next….. Only joking of course it doesn’t, but maybe just a tiny bit I do. She never questions me, she just smiles, and bends over which really that’s the ideal women right there isn’t it?. No matter what I say, no matter what I ask she just does it, she goes along with it. If all women were as easy to talk into fucking me as lovely Lucy, I think I’d be king of the world now and I’d change all the laws and the women of planet earth would be fucked if I was in charge haha. As you know Lucy is maybe getting fined off the local council and I was already black mailed my Devon a member of the team trying to track her down, which can I just repeat and say that was a hell of a fucking day. Well Lucy came round when Scarlet was out again, and said she had received the letter from the council. I was like oh fuck…. I didn’t have the heart to tell Lucy that I had a visit as I didn’t want her want her to worry anymore. She asked me if I would help her write a letter back to them and a one from me as an old neighbor to say how nice she is. Trouble was and I wasn’t lying, I was busy I had stuff to do. Lucy said she would do anything if I would get it done sooner. Hey don’t fucking say shit like that to me man, that just puts ideas in my head. I told Lucy I was stressed and maybe she could help relieve it. I thought this was risky as every time I have conned her so far it’s been her career used as bait but this was an out right sexual favor I was asking for and god knows how she would take it. The pause from her seemed to last ages, then she just came out and said, well if it will get it done quicker. The next minute she was rubbing my cock and getting on her knees… it was a risk but she went for it booyaaa. I must say for a sweet and shy girl Lucy can suck a cock, her shyness goes away when she has a hard dick in her face. I had to strip her down and grope those massive tits of hers, it just has to be done. Lucy does not take long to work you up and drain your balls and me not being a porn stud I don’t last long either when I have a hot chick on the end of my dick, but don’t I care, as long as I cum, and speaking of cumimng I shot a big load in her mouth, she played with it and downed the lot. Lucy you letter is in the mail baby.

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S3 - EP 002 - Sienna Kane - Sex Shop Sucker

S3 - EP 002 - Sienna Kane - Sex Shop SuckerLength: 46 mins. 34 secs.

Well this day was a surprise. After Scarlet telling me she had a lady coming round to show her some sex toys, and I had to make sure I was not around as she claims she knows what I am like. I couldn’t get those 3 words out of my head, lady and sex toys. How could I stay up in my office knowing a new lady was coming round and that Scarlet was buying sex toys, it just doesn’t happen. When Sienna arrived I had to creep down the stairs and listen in on their conversation. I also wanted to listen to find the perfect time to sneak down and say hi. My chance came when Scarlet went to make Sienna a hot cup of tea, bingo there’s my chance so I walked into the living room to introduce myself. By this point Scarlet had already told her she shot porn when Sienna showed her some of the DVDs she sold. So that broke the ice for me to move on to stage two. Sienna seemed very interested in it all, that we both made porn. I guess because she sold it and we made it, she felt we were the first step. The more I told her about my contacts all over the globe and that we get new girls in who have never done it before, her face lit up, she was very interested in what I had to say. That was a fucking first, I usually have to tread carefully. She said she was starting to get tempted with it all and I have to say I was loving the fact she was. Then we hit a big speed bump, she was thinking of coming back and maybe giving it ago but the fact she said she would come back, when sometimes they never do, I always have the attitude its not or never, and it means my dick doesn't have to wait either. She said she had to be at the other side of town in 50 mins, and so I went for it. I explained that I could give her a faster way and all she had to do was do the first part of the audition today and come back for part two. I knew if I pushed too much I’d ruin it so I settled for a blow job. I’m pleased I did as she had a hot tight mouth and she deep throated too, looks like this hot bitch had been watching a lot of the films she sold and this meant that I got a better blow job so you gotta be thankful for these things right? I have a feeling with this girls cock sucking talents, I think she is going to be an amazing fuck too especially with that tight little body of hers. I asked her what happens in the films she sells in her sex shop when the guy cums and she said that she liked it when the guy cums in the girls mouth. Ohhhhh Yes, its like she was reading my perverted little mind. Just off knowing that made me cum in her mouth loads, wow this was the icing on the cake or the spunk on her face either way is good. I will be going out of my perverted little mind now, wondering what her pussy feels around my dick. I only hope I get to try it

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S3 - EP 003 - Sally Jo - Bus Slut

S3 - EP 003 - Sally Jo - Bus SlutLength: 39 mins. 45 secs.

Fucking Scarlet I need to book her in advance to shoot with fucking chicks these days, a year in advance too. I had a call from Sally Jo, remember the chick I called a chicken for saying she wanted to have sex with a stranger and then when I offered my body for her to prove it she backed down. Mention the word chicken and she comprised and agreed to suck my cock. Well she called to say she was passing through and asked if I was in, it was pervert battle stations, I had full balls, she was a slut and Scarlet was there to film it. Or so I thought but no, her social life is more important than my sex life. Well fuck it, I set up a few cameras and got my POV camera out, rather that than not get it at all. I realize I might of been jumping the gun here and that she may not be coming round for anything my purvey mind can dream up but hey, after seeing her hot body the last time I had my fingers crossed, my toes crossed, hell I’d even cross my cock if I could. She arrived and said how much she enjoyed it, straight away I asked if she wanted to repeat it, she said no. Apart of me died inside. Then she said not repeat but maybe something different, when I realized she meant get boned on camera, I was on cloud 9. I wasted no time in getting her out of that very sexy dress of hers. I sucked on her pert tits, played with her wet twat, all the usual stuff I just can’t hold back on, and then I rammed my already hard cock up her. Amazing, it was wet, tight, perfect fit for my cock and I’m not that hung so. When she got on top of me she rode me like fucking Sea Biscuit, she really had a cock pounding bounce to it, she fucking loved spoons too, right up to the balls. When I bent her over, turns out it must be her favorite position or something as I made her cum, yes me, the guy who doesn’t care unless I shoot my load, by some sear stroke of look I made her cum. I must admit it made my ego and my balls feel more manlier, it even made me shoot a load over her with a lot more volume. Like a stupid cunt and Scarlet not there to guide me to remind me we also making a porn scene, I caught the record button as I was cumming, but got most of it, in fact that shows you how much I came, as I started when I wasn’t recording and was still going when I resumed recording. Nerd super spunk or what?


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S3 - EP 004 - Isabella Winters - MILF Swinger

S3 - EP 004 - Isabella Winters - MILF SwingerLength: 34 mins. 11 secs.

I’m always on the luck out for more sluts. Any slut of any age, any body type, if they have a wet hole then your are in. I found this great new website for swingers. The way I see it, swingers are sluts, the want to fuck about, yeah sure some girls hang around with hairy arse blokes and I was trying to avoid that, so I was just looking for women who wanted to sleep around. I spend a few weeks chatting them up, some didn’t like the idea of being filmed, some didn’t believe I am a porn producer, which I know I’m not but look back on the site, how many others have fallen for it? I think it was just because it was text on a screen and if they could chat to me on the phone, they would fall for my bull shit I mean who wouldn’t? I found Isabella, and got chatting to her, straight off the bat she said she was an older women, hey that’s ok with me, I love older women. She told me stories that most of the men she had met off this site had been younger than her, well I guess I fitted into this as I was younger than her. I told her I shot porn, showed her the site, and she seemed impressed. Of course she thought they were all girls who knew they were on the world wide web not that I filmed them being fucked by my nerd cock and now they were world famous on the internet having guys wank over them, oh no they didn’t know about any of that. So she seemed flattered, I told Scarlet and she was not free. Getting too much of a habit this, she has too much of a social life, she should be filming me fucking chicks, but anyway I setup a few cameras ready, I wasn’t going to let that stop me.  First off the bat she was late, I thought fuck, just when my balls needed emptying. Then 15 minutes later she turned up. We chatted and I told her how much of a big shot I was, you know the usual shit and then she was on her knees sucking my cock. You could tell she was fucking older as when she had my cock in her mouth, right up the balls she trouble breathing but hell it felt good. She didn’t half gobble on my cock. You could tell she did this a lot and now she is doing all for you guys too. She was quiet but very into it which is always good, she had a piercing in her tongue which was great when I was jacking off in her mouth as when I was ready to cum, it was hitting off my cock end. When I shot my load, I really shot it, fuck, right in her dirty MILF mouth and she swallowed the lot. I will be seeing this MILF Swinger again I hope.

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S3 - EP 005 - Carly Rae - Deep Throat Practice

S3 - EP 005 - Carly Rae - Deep Throat PracticeLength: 32 mins. 50 secs.

Fuck, Carly Rae needs practice, the deep throating surprise girl who sucked a cock like a pro when I tricked her into doing porn the first time I met her. The same girl who I saw walking past the house and kindly reminded her that she owed me a scene and I fucked her pussy hard, yeah that girl. Carly needs no practice. However, I maybe one of the best con men around, yes. But I also love it when these rare chances come up where I don’t need to put any effort it. This was one of those times. Carly had fell for my con, twice, she had done videos for me and I thought I had bled anymore chances of her sweet pussy dry, but oh no. She came round to see me genuinely worried that she may not have the talent or experience to get work, the work I had promised her that doesn’t exist but still she didn’t know that. She didn’t know that I had fed her loads of shit, and wanted to know if I thought she had what it takes to do porn. I then saw my moment, as she was worried about being good enough, so it just came to me and I said it. I said if she wanted to do more videos as a practice then I would shoot some other audition tapes, as long as she didn’t tell anyone, as people would think I am favoring her over the other girls. God I amaze myself sometimes, I basically talked her into sucking my cock there and then, and making it sound as if I am doing it for her and her only. Ha if I could get every girl through the door to out right ask me for more training ,as more training meant my cock was going to slide into their mouth or pussy then fuck that would be an ideal world, but sadly, life is not like that. She got on to her knees and asked if she should just go for it, ermmm the way she deep throats, fuck yeah just go for it. She did her first deep throat video for us and she was doing it again, taking my nerd vainly love shaft so far down her throat she gagged and spat on my ball sack. Carly and her cute little moans is enough to make a man cum in 5 seconds and I’m not much better to be honest, I’m here to come, I don’t care how long I last as long as I shoot my load. But I am happy to say I did last longer that 5 seconds and I did shoot a big fucking nerd load right in her mouth and down her throat. Boo yaaa

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